Title: 'Genetic Bases of Hearing Loss: Future Treatment Implications'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): molecular genetics, gene mutations, pharmachogenetics
Learning Objectives:
  1. The audience should be able to recognize how gene mutation cause hearing loss
  2. recognize the ling between genetic mutations and phenotypic changes causing hearing loss
  3. recognize the future of hearing loss treatment based on pharmachogenetics


The current advances in molecular genetics has provided us the etiologic explanation of a good number of human disorders including hearing loss. The information available is complex and in the future may elucidate the mechanisms of human disease which will be the bases of future treatment. We propose to review during this session the molecular basis of hearing loss and how it will influence treatment in the future, it is possible that pharmacogenetics will play an important role in the correction of hearing loss in selected situations. The audience should be able to recognize clinical situations in which molecular mechanisms can be cited as etiologic factors of hearing loss and determine the best course of action to provide proper care of individuals with hearing loss. We will review current experimental treatment of hearing loss by modification of gene expression and function.
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Luis F. Escobar - Primary Presenter
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital
     Credentials: M.D., M.S.
     Other Affiliations: Indiana University
      Dr. Escobar serves as the AAP Indiana Chapter Champion to EHDI. He is the Medical Director for Medical Genetics Services and Newborn Follow up at Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital at St. Vincent. His interest is birth defects, dysmorphology and the management of birth defects in the newborn period. He has published an extensive number of peer review articles and book chapters in the Medical Genetics literature.

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Michelle Wagner-Escobar - Co-Presenter
Peyton Manning Children'
     Credentials: MA, CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: Indiana State Department of Health
      Michelle Wagner-Escobar is an audiologist at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent and a regional audiology consultant for the Indiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program. She obtained her master’s degree in Audiology from the University of Iowa.

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