Title: 'Parent Perceptions of Audiology and Speech-Language Services and Support for Young Children with Cochlear Implants'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): Parent Satisfaction, Audiology, Speech, Cochlear Implants
Learning Objectives:
  1. describe aspects of services that parents of young children with cochlear implants prefer when delivered by audiologists and speech-language pathologists.
  2. discuss features of family-centered planning as applied to intervention with young children with cochlear implants and their families.
  3. discuss parents' priorities for services and support as applied to habilitation activities for young children with cochlear implants.


Parents of children diagnosed with severe-profound sensorineural hearing loss are selecting cochlear implants at an increasing rate and when their children are very young. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists are typically involved in habilitation activities following implantation in an effort to increase children’s access to listening and spoken language. These clinicians depend upon parents to participate in habilitation activities that may lead to favorable outcomes for children. However, little evidence exists regarding parents’ perspectives on the services and supports audiologists and speech-language pathologists provide in this team effort. Data from an investigation of parents’ perceptions about the importance of early intervention services and their satisfaction with the support are presented in this session. Results of the study revealed that parents were overwhelmingly positive about audiologists’ and speech-language pathologists’ services and support, but preferred services that directly benefited the child over those that supported the parent. Parents favored a family-centered approach in services, but indicated that the greatest overall positive difference in services and support was for their child, followed by the positive difference for themselves, and then for other family members. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.
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Patrick Kelly - Primary Presenter
University of South Carolina
     Credentials: Clinical Instructor, Programs in Special Education at the University of South Carolina. Certified school psychologist in South Carolina, Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina, Nationally Certified School Psychologist
     Other Affiliations: National Association of the Deaf, A.G. Bell, Council for Exceptional Children
      Patrick Michael Kelly is currently an instructor in Programs in Special Education, College of Education, at the University of South Carolina. Prior to his present appointment his career included service as a professional counselor, school psychologist, and administrator in a variety of educational settings serving a wide range of children and youth. He has specialized training in working with children with hearing loss and their familiies.

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