Title: 'Improving Loss to Follow-Up Rates Among Iowa Babies: Strategies for Success'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): process improvement, evaluation, decreasing LTF/LTD
Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will be able to identify several tests of change or strategies used to reduce lost to follow up/documentation percentages in Iowa
  2. Participants will be able to describe how data can be used to evaluate a quality improvement strategy
  3. Participants will be able to identify quality assurance activities Iowa EHDI uses in their daily activities to ensure complete and accurate data.


In an effort to improve lost to follow up rates in Iowa, EHDI program staff have implemented successful strategies to ensure infants are screened, diagnosed and enrolled in early intervention services in a timely manner. The presentation will highlight the various strategies used throughout each phase of follow up and discuss the progress made towards decreasing lost to follow up/documentation rates and in meeting the needs of Iowa children, families and providers over the last three years. The presentation will provide participants with information on how program staff identified issues that contributed to loss to follow up/documentation numbers and then developed strategies to address the issues using a collaborative approach. Additionally, EHDI staff will discuss the importance of completing quality assurance tasks within the EHDI database to ensure timely collection and analysis of high quality screening and follow up data. EHDI staff will share how the data collected has been used to conduct ongoing evaluation and used with quality improvement activities, which has further increased the effectiveness of the Iowa EHDI program as a whole. The presentation will include program statistics, Iowa’s successes and challenges and plans for the future. We anticipate that this information will be helpful to other states that continue to struggle with improving their lost to follow up/documentation rates.
Presentation: 1168TammyO'Hollearn.pdf

Handouts: Handout_1168TammyO'Hollearn.pdf
Tammy O'Hollearn - Primary Presenter,Author,POC
Iowa Department of Public Health
     Credentials: LBSW
      Tammy O’Hollearn serves as the program director for Iowa’s Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program. She has been in this role for the last seven and a half years. Ms. O’Hollearn oversees all grant activities including: infrastructure building; training and use of the EHDI web based data system (eSCREENER Plus), developing partnerships with early intervention, medical home and audiological service providers; program evaluation and analysis. Prior to 2006, she was involved with early intervention programming, contract management and program development within the Iowa Department of Public Health.

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Esha Steffen - Co-Presenter,Author
Iowa Department of Public Health
     Credentials: MPH
      Esha Steffen graduated with a Master of Public Health degree from the Des Moines University in 2011. Ms. Steffen has been with the Iowa EHDI program since 2010 working as the EHDI follow up coordinator. Responsibilities include: follow up with families and providers of children that did not pass or missed their hearing screens at birth; data base quality assurance; data analysis and program evaluation. Prior to her work at the Iowa Department of Public Health, Ms. Steffen worked for three years at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, IA as a rehabilitation and cardiopulmonary technician.

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