Title: 'Monday Morning Concrete'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): Parents, Professionals, Successful Deaf or Hard of Hearing adults
Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the benefits of collaboration between a state EHDI program and a educational teachers when planning a family-friendly conference.
  2. Describe the steps for including other perspectives from those who have experienced it first-hand.
  3. List the benefits reported by families and professionals who attended the workshop.


Following State EHDI Conferences, parents and professionals often write on evaluations: “Great conference, but please give us something concrete to take back and do with our Deaf and Hard of Hearing children on Monday morning.” For the 2013 Michigan conference, GEAR UP!, Michigan EHDI partnered with Michigan School Professionals for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MSPSDHH) for a Thursday evening, Friday all-day event. Thursday evening started with a great dinner and presentation about Parents and Professionals working together, and then the two groups split into separate rooms to get their “concrete.” Parents heard from other parents and adults who grew up Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Professionals heard from other professionals, some of whom also grew up Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Come find out a fun and successful way to spice up your next state conference for both parents of children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and the professionals who work with them.
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Nan Asher - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter
Michigan EHDI
     Credentials: Masters of Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Hearing Assistive Technology
     Other Affiliations: Current Treasurer for the Michigan Coalition for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People. Five-time Gubernatorial appointee for the Office of Civil Rights, Advisory Member of Michigan Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Consumer Representative for ASHA's Council for Clinical Specialty Recognition Board; Charter member of Hearing Loss Association of Ann Arbor; Professional member of MI Hands and Voices; HLA-MI,Hearing Technology Resource Specialist; Adapting to Hearing loss and Speech-reading teacher.
      Nan Asher was diagnosed with a bilateral hearing loss at age four and has one sibling with a profound hearing loss. She has worked in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing field for much of her professional career. As the Program Consultant for MI-EHDI, Nan has frequent contact with medical providers and parents, encouraging appropriate follow-up. Nan is a strong advocate for finding communication modes that work for each individual.

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Karen Wisinski - Co-Presenter
Michigan EHDI Program
     Credentials: BA
     Other Affiliations: Michigan Hands & Voices
      Karen Wisinski is the Parent Consultant for MI-EHDI. In addition to providing insights as the parent of a child with hearing loss, she also coordinates the Guide By Your Side(TM) Program for Michigan Hands & Voices(TM). GBYS home visits have increased dramatically since she took over the program.

Financial - Receives Salary for Employment from Michigan EHDI.  

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