Title: 'Audiology and Early Intervention Collaboration'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): collaboration, audiological services, early intervention, family perspective/support
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify benefit of professional collaboration in family-centered model.
  2. Assess current counseling approaches within pre-existing models for opportunities of improvement.


Collaborations between early intervention in the home and the audiological team have been expanding and have proven to be beneficial for all involved including the family and the child diagnosed with hearing loss. To promote coordination of care, the audiologist invited the early interventionist to attend the diagnostic auditory brainstem response (ABR) evaluation for a newborn who had failed her first hearing screens. The family provided permission for the early interventionist to attend the ABR and thus the transition from audiology to home-based services began immediately at the time of diagnosis. It is our hope that should this presentation be chosen, the family would be able to join us at the EHDI conference to detail their experiences or use part of their testimonial in a video clip. The family has expressed that they can’t imagine having their daughter’s diagnosis happen any other way. Most importantly, it established a relationship of teamwork and support from the very beginning and outlined the continuum of care that their daughter would receive moving forward. Our presentation will highlight team-based counseling approaches, family-centered services, outcomes of early identification, and importance of medical home. We expect that the information provided in this presentation would be beneficial to other audiologists, early interventionists and primary-care providers working with families of children suspect of or having been newly diagnosed with hearing loss.
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Nicole Swartwout - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter
North Dakota School for the Deaf
     Credentials: Teacher of the Deaf and Early Childhood Special Educator, M.Ed. D/HH & ECSE
      Received Bachelor of Science degree in Deaf Education and Elementary Education at Minot State University. Received Master's of Education degree in Deaf Education and Early Childhood Special Education from Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR. Previously employed as an Early Intervention Specialist in South Minneapolis 2000-2004 and Vilseck Germany 2004-2007. Worked for one year at the River School, a private Deaf Oral Education program in Washington DC. Currently employed by the North Dakota School for the Deaf Outreach Program working as Parent-Infant and Outreach Specialist.

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Tricia Nechodom - Co-Presenter
Trinity Health
     Credentials: Doctor of Audiology, F/AAA
     Other Affiliations: Magic City Lion's Club, Board of Directors; North Dakota Hands and Voices, General Member
      Undergraduate work completed at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, Bachelor of Science in Communicative Disorders. Graduate work completed at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, Doctor of Audiology. Completed my doctoral externship with the University of Minnesota- Fairview, Amplatz Children’s Hospital. In my role at Trinity, I perform all outpatient newborn re-screens, electrophysiological assessments of infants and children suspected of having any degree of hearing loss, diagnostic assessment for adults and children of all ages, rehabilitative services such as hearing aid, osseo-integrated hearing device and cochlear implant fitting, troubleshooting and testing.

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