Title: 'Deaf Children and their Families in Media'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): stories, family, language, perspectives, media
Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss what common factors appear in the videos, particularly the interviews with parents and what they see as similar or different in approaches by early intervention professionals
  2. Relate to other families shown in the video and see how early intervention services have impacted others.
  3. Distinguish what early intervention services appear to be key to the families or children despite coming from different backgrounds and locations.


In the last one to two years, there has been some insightful videos shared via the internet that highlight families of deaf and hard of hearing children’s journeys and insight on early intervention. This presentation will provide an unique opportunity for parents and early intervention professionals alike to view a showcase of an assortment of professionally-made videos, ranging from parents’ interviews to examples of children’s pragmatic language, both in sign language and spoken language. Several videos also feature families' perspectives on early intervention services and what they learned about their young deaf children, along with early intervention professionals and researchers sharing their inspiration and knowledge. This presentation will enable families and early intervention professionals to enjoy watching the inspiring videos together for the first time and participate in a discussion together on what they see in the videos, and what they benefited from hearing about.
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Tawny Holmes - Co-Presenter,Author
National Association of the Deaf
     Credentials: M.A. in Family Centered Early Education, J.D. and Esq. J.D. Certification in Early Intervention Leadership
      Tawny Holmes is the Education Policy Counsel at the National Association of the Deaf. She graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law. In addition to her law degree, she has a Master of Arts in Family Centered Early Education. Ms. Holmes has worked three years teaching deaf and hard of hearing students. She is also a godmother of four deaf children.

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Melissa Herzig - Primary Presenter
Visual Language and Visual Learning, NSF Funded Science of Learning Center
     Credentials: CALIFORNIA TEACHING CREDENTIALS: • Professional Clear Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) (ECE, K-12, adult) • Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential • BCLAD: ASL and English • Supplemental Subject Credential (Science)
      Dr. Melissa Herzig is the Education and Research Translation Manager for the NSF-funded Science of Learning Center, Visual Language and Visual Learning and the Associate Director for the Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience program at Gallaudet University. She is responsible for leading assessments and evaluations of the Center’s resources—both for VL2 and for her work with schools. She has a BA from Gallaudet University. She received a MA thesis and her Doctoral Degree at University of California, San Diego. She has worked at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla California, San Diego State University (Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory), and at UCSD as a Postdoctoral Scholar Researcher (Center for Research in Language). She was a teacher at Chula Vista High School for 8 years. She worked as a supervisor for student teachers at UCSD and was a lead supervisor for student teachers and interns at National University.

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