Title: ''Managing Loss to Follow-Up: Real Time Family Tracking''
Track: 6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management
Keyword(s): tracking, loss to follow up
Learning Objectives:
  1. Explain the difference between a database and real time family tracking.
  2. Describe how FamilyTrac can assist in reducing loss to follow up.
  3. List the components of their programs for which real time family tracking can be applied.


EHDI data systems are maturing. In the past we were happy to just store and report. While this does a good job providing screening statistics, today we want more. We need a tracking and surveillance system that tells us what we need to do today, where the children are, and how the program is doing. At BEGINNINGS we use a system that is capable of tracking child and family services of any kind. We defined the phases of the services our families go through: Referral, New Family, Transition and School Age. Then we defined the activities our Parent Educators (PE) perform during each phase. This is completely analogous to a typical EHDI workflow for children: Inpatient, Outpatient, Evaluation, Child Find, Treatment and Follow-up. The system framework is based on a Phase – Activity – Outcome approach and can be used for most any program. The key to helping our PE’s manage their daily activities is the landing page queues. We identified the most critical times for our families and brought them to the forefront: Referral, Uncontacted Family, and Transition. Upon logging in, a PE can immediately see families needing attention to complete the referral process, families they need to contact, and children in transition. FamilyTrac can work for you too enabling you to see who is in the nursery to be screened before discharge, who is scheduled for outpatient screening, and who is in child find that we don’t want to become lost to follow-up. FamilyTrac is a cloud-based program and real-time data entry keeps our information current. Data can be updated anytime from anywhere. All we need are a browser, internet connection and computer, tablet or smartphone! When a conscientious team enters quality data promptly, a modern data system can help to manage the program’s daily workflow efficiently!
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Joni Alberg - Primary Presenter
Oberkotter Foundation
     Credentials: Ph.D.
     Other Affiliations: Adjunct Faculty, Department of Allied Health Sciences, Speech and Hearing Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill
      Joni Alberg. Joni joined the Oberkotter Foundation as Family Support Programs Officer on October 1, 2014. Previously, she served as Executive Director of BEGINNINGS For Parents of Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. in NC from 1999 until October 2014. BEGINNINGS provides emotional support, information, and technical assistance to parents throughout North Carolina who have children from birth through age 21 with a hearing loss. Joni holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Special Education from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Alberg has more than 30 years professional experience as a special education teacher, administrator, researcher and business executive.

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Chuck Scheier - Co-Presenter
Scheier Counsulting, Inc.
     Credentials: BS, Electrical Engineering MS, Computer Engineering
      Mr. Chuck Scheier, president and owner of Scheier Consulting, Inc. has over 20 years of software development experience. Mr. Scheier started his career with GE Aerospace, is a graduate of their Edison Engineering Program, and holds a Master’s of Computer Engineering degree from Syracuse University. After 10 years in aerospace, Mr. Scheier taught for 5 years at the high school and university level. Returning to industry, he worked with several internet start-ups and then founded Scheier Consulting in 2001.

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