Title: 'A Day in the Life of Oklahoma's Follow-Up Coordinator'
Track: 6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management
Keyword(s): loss to follow-up/loss to documentation, collaboration, educate, resources
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify ways to maximize the follow-up coordinator position
  2. Review the usefulness of having access to WIC charts for improving LTFU
  3. Identify new ways to educate providers on early hearing detection and intervention


Oklahoma EHDI has been successful in reducing their Loss to Follow-up/Loss to Documentation (LTFU/LTD) from 40% to 10% . Why does the system work so well in our state? Oklahoma’s strengths include statewide consistency of a shared vision and message along with statewide collaboration with hospitals, families, Part C Early Intervention, county health department providers, the audiology community, and many other private and public partners. Within our staff, a large portion of this statewide collaboration is the responsibility of our Follow-up Coordinator. This presentation would focus on new projects implemented to improve LTD. The FU/AC and Quality Assurance/Data Coordinator (QA/DC) work together in requesting results via a reverse tracking form to Audiology clinics for missing information after a child is diagnosed, i.e. hearing aid dates, cochlear implant dates, early intervention enrollment dates, etc. The FU/AC has developed new avenues to educate providers on issues related to hearing loss in children and early identification, i.e. monthly newsletter disseminated across the state to early intervention programs, audiologists, guidance clinics, district nurse managers. This presentation will also include the WIC process recently implemented whereas the FU/AC marks the WIC chart with resource information and contact information. The presentation will provide ideas and resources to other EHDI programs to help them maximize the Follow-up Coordinator position in efforts to improve LTFU/LTD rates. This presentation seeks to generate dialogue and sharing of ideas among states regarding the follow-up coordinators position and the important role it holds in the EHDI process.
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Handouts: Handout_1321PatriciaBurk.pdf
Patricia Burk - POC,Primary Presenter
Oklahoma State Department of Health
     Credentials: M.S., CCC-SLP, Cert AVT LSLS
      Patricia Burk is the Program Coordinator for Oklahoma's Newborn Hearing Screening Program and the facilitator of the Oklahoma Audiology Taskforce

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Deborah Earley - Co-Presenter
     Credentials: Au.D., CCC/A
      Deborah Earley, M.S., CCC-A has practiced audiology in Oklahoma for 29 years. She is the Follow-up/Audiology Coordinator for Oklahoma's Newborn Hearing Screening Program. She co-facilitates the Oklahoma Audiology Taskforce (OKAT) and facilitates the Protocols subcommittee of OKAT

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