Title: 'Real-Time Embedded Coaching During Tele-Intervention and In-Person Sessions'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): coaching, supporting parents, early intervention, language development
Learning Objectives:
  1. list at least three components of embedded coaching
  2. describe at least three strategies for engaging parents and primary caregivers in parent-infant sessions
  3. explain and demonstrate “embedded coaching” and “return demonstration”


This presentation will focus on the strategies and techniques of Real-Time Embedded Coaching. This technique includes “demonstration” and “return demonstration” as a method of helping parents enhance communication with their child. Embedded Coaching is a term applied to coaching a parent or primary caregiver and providing suggestions, while the caregiver is engaged in an activity with a child, rather than waiting until after the activity is over. The early interventionist is providing support to that caregiver in real-time by making comments and suggestions throughout the activity. Data collected from at least 10 families engaged in teletherapy sessions using embedded coaching and 10 families using embedded coaching during in-person visits will be reviewed in this session. Data will include parent learning and parent satisfaction, as well as child outcomes. Strategies that will be reviewed and explained include the following: -Organization of the parent-infant session, including all elements to be included -Importance of describing the critical features of the activity or technique being implemented -Capitalizing on knowledge about the parent’s current skills in working with her child -Capitalizing on information about the parent’s style of learning as an adult learner -Techniques for implementing embedded coaching into a parent-infant session This presentation will describe for the participants, through lecture, discussion, video tape and interactive activities how to effectively implement return demonstration and embedded coaching.
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Betsy Moog Brooks - Primary Presenter
The Moog Center for Deaf Education
     Credentials: MS Speech and Hearing Deaf and Hearing Impaired K-12 Behavioral Disorder K-12 Learning Disabled K-12 Early Childhood Education B-3 Council on Education of the Deaf Missouri Early Intervention Credentialed Provider Illinois Early Intervention Credentialed Provider Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Cert. AVEd
     Other Affiliations: AG Bell
      Betsy Moog Brooks is the Executive Director of the Moog Center for Deaf Education. She received her Masters degree in Speech and Hearing from Washington University and is certified in Deaf Education, Behavior Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Early Childhood Education and is a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. She has been has been in the field of early intervention for more than 30 years. She created a Toddler Curriculum and a Language Curriculum which are used in all Certified Moog Programs. Betsy is the author of the book, My Baby and Me: A Book About Teaching Your Child to Talk. She has lectured throughout the US, South America, and Europe. Betsy continues to provide direct child service and parent support to families with children birth to three. In addition, she is currently pursuing her Educational Doctorate with an emphasis in Andragogy, the study of adult learners.

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