Title: 'Prevalence of Risk Factors Associated with Congenital and Delayed Onset Hearing Loss in Iowa’s Children'
Track: 6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management
Keyword(s): Risk factors, congenital hearing loss, delayed onset hearing loss, eSP
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify which risk factors are most associated with hearing loss present at birth, and by age three years within study population.
  2. Report what percentage of children with a given risk factor is affected with congenital or delayed hearing loss within study population.
  3. Discuss impact of findings to future risk factor reporting and follow up recommendations


In their 2007 position statement, the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing identified eleven risk factors related to congenital, delayed onset, or progressive hearing loss in infants and children. The continual expansion of universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) scope and its progressive reliability has enabled professionals in recent years to merge risk factor reporting within UNHS protocols. In Iowa, EHDI legislation mandates the reporting of these risk factors by healthcare providers. Information is entered into the EHDI online e-Screener Plus (eSP) database, which tracks hearing related healthcare status such as birth information, hearing screening outcomes, subsequent follow up visits, and now, risk factors. This poster will detail the reported prevalence of the eleven JCIH risk factors in children born in Iowa between January 2007 and December 2010 diagnosed with congenital or delayed onset hearing loss present by 3 years of age. Statistics will be broken down to identify overall prevalence of individual risk factors, and percentages of children with an individual risk factor and congenital/delayed onset hearing loss. The reporting methods will be discussed, as will suggestions for future improvements in reporting. Questions regarding to the implications for follow up recommendations made by EHDI will also be posed.
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Amy Carlson - POC,Author
University of Iowa
     Credentials: M.A., prospective Au.D

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Lenore Holte - Author
Univ of Iowa Communication Sciences and Disorders
     Credentials: PhD CCC-A
      Lenore Holte, PhD, CCC-A, is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and the Department of Pediatrics and serves as director of speech-language-pathology and audiology services at the Center for Disabilities and Development. She also provides audiological technical assistance to the Iowa Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program. Dr. Holte's professional background is primarily in pediatric audiology, newborn hearing screening and hearing assessment of individuals with disabilities. Her role in the OCHL study includes recruitment of families through cooperation with the Iowa EHDI team and development and conduct of test protocols

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Tammy O'Hollearn - Primary Presenter,Author
Iowa EHDI program
     Credentials: B.A
      Tammy O’Hollearn, BA, is the EHDI coordinator for Iowa. Besides ensuring universal hearing screening and prompt follow up services is available to all newborns in Iowa, she also has special interests in Maternal and Child Health, Mental Health and Family Support issues. She is actively involved in various advisory committees in the state of Iowa. Tammy received a Link Associates Dorothy Schwartz Award in 1993 and ISHA Outstanding Service Award in 2009.

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