Title: 'Baby Beats: An Early Intervention Approach and Resource to Empower Families of Very Young Children with Hearing Loss'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): newly diagnosed, babies, music, communication
Learning Objectives:
  1. 1. List three ways that Baby Beats supports the evidence stated for early intervention goals for young children who are hearing impaired.
  2. 2. State an example of a Baby Beats activity and coaching technique that supports parents in interacting with their young child who is hearing impaired while awaiting cochlear implantation.
  3. 3. Describe how Baby Beats working in synthesis with latest hearing technology supports parent directed development of pre-verbal skills early listening skills.


Developing early communication and listening skills in hearing impaired babies and infants with hearing aids and cochlear implants through home based interventions focused on empowering parents supports the goals of early intervention best practices. Providing age appropriate support for newly diagnosed babies and infants with hearing aids, waiting for their cochlear implant, under the age of 12 months, can be challenging. The age of implantation has decreased; therefore, family centered resources need to fully support parent-child interactions and bonding during the pre-verbal stage. Musical activities can naturally develop the areas of attachment, listening and communication. Research indicates that developing the musical brain also boosts early development of communication skills. For parents and young children, the home provides a natural environment to develop these skills. This presentation illustrates the development of a musical, multi-sensory resource and monitoring tool for parents to use with their babies aged 3 months – 24 months that promotes music, listening and early communication. This resource aims to support the natural development of attachment, supporting babies and toddlers to build early developmental skills that are essential for later language development. It aims to bridge the gap between having a hearing aid, and waiting for a cochlear implant. This session will utilize an interactive training approach, using hands on demonstration and practice, audience participation and use of workshop materials to interact with musical pieces, practice movement based work, work within small groups, and to demonstrate and model techniques learned during the session.
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Valeri V. Le Beau - Primary Presenter
Advanced Bionics
     Credentials: M.S.,CCC-SLP
      Valeri Le Beau is the Consumer Education and Rehab Manager at Advanced Bionics. Valeri brings a lifetime of personal and professional expertise to the field of hearing impairments. Valeri received her undergraduate degree in Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Illinois State University. She taught in a variety of educational settings serving children with hearing impairments and later received her graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology from Rush University, Chicago. She practiced across the country in educational, private, and hospital based settings, with an intense focus on providing services to children with hearing impairments. Throughout her career, she has lectured, trained, and mentored locally and internationally on cochlear implantation and rehabilitation following implantation.

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Carissa Moeggenberg - Co-Presenter
Advanced Bionics
     Credentials: MA, CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: ASHA, AG Bell, AAA
      Carissa Moeggenberg completed both Bachelor’s of Science (1991) and a Master’s of Audiology (1992) from Central Michigan University. Upon completing these degrees she joined the University of Michigan’s Cochlear Implant team where she served as a pediatric audiologist for over 10 years. Following her passion for cochlear implants and rehabilitation of children and adults with a severe to profound hearing loss she joined Advanced Bionics in 2002. Presently she is the Senior Manger of Education, Training and Rehabilitation. Carissa has co-authored several publications on cochlear implantation and has presented nationally and internationally on cochlear implantation and aural rehabilitation. She lives in Michigan with her husband and 2 children.

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