Title: 'Shared Reading Project – The Gateway to Successful Literacy'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): reading, literacy skills, strategies, communication, language, and family involvement
Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will learn early book sharing strategies and how they contribute to higher reading ability and skills in school.
  2. Participants will learn how to effectively share books with young deaf/hard-of-hearing children with helpful materials, resources and lesson ideas
  3. Participants will learn how to share books with strategies and tools to support an improvement in the reading ability of the deaf/hard-of-hearing children.


Participants will learn about Shared Reading Project (SRP); an introduction of the program and how it can benefit professionals, parents/caregivers on how to read to their deaf/hard-of-hearing children with provided tools and strategies. This workshop will also share the effective book-sharing techniques known as “The 15 Principles for Reading to Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children”. These principles were developed based on research studying book sharing strategies that are used when reading to deaf and hard of hearing children as well as what we are still learning about deaf and hard of hearing children’s literacy skills. This program reaches to deaf/hard-of-hearing children and their families who are most in need. According to the Shared Reading Saturdays program has proven the significant need to increase families spending time to learn how to utilize using language and read with their children. It has also been proven that participating families also successfully increase and improve communication within the family. Shared Reading Project has a played a critical role in creating a community for these parents. Through this sense of community, parents are feeling empowered about helping their deaf/hard-of-hearing children, they are advocating for them at school and gaining more information about how to improve their children’s lives. A group of Spanish and English speaking parents from across the state has expressed the need for this service. Shared Reading Project would be a phenomenal way to provide parents group to meet with different speakers invited to share pertinent information with the families. Clearly, Shared Reading Project will be a catalyst in the lives of these families as according to the National Academy of Education Commission on Reading in 1985, it has been supported that “the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children”.
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Arlene Gunderson - Primary Presenter
Gallaudet University Regional Center - Southwest
     Credentials: Arlene Garcia Gunderson, M.Ed., and B.S.W
     Other Affiliations: ASLTA Professional Certified/Board Member, Deaf Women United Board Member, State Board of Education Language Other Than English Expert Reviewer/Consultant
      Arlene Garcia Gunderson, M.Ed., B.S.W, a native New York but a Texas resident, is the director of the Gallaudet University Regional Center Southwest and an Adjunct Professor at Austin Community College. Arlene brings years of teaching experience in language, culture, deaf education, interpreter training and human services with experience in the Child Protective Services in Washington, DC and case management in New York City. Having six years of administrative experiences in the education field serving the need in outreach of education for deaf/hard-of-hearing students through advocacy work, community development and networking with professionals, students and hearing parents with deaf/hard-of-hearing children. Arlene also shares passion to bring personal and professional development, leadership and educational programs that address the needs of deaf/hard-of-hearing individuals, their families, communities and professionals working with them across the nation. Arlene is married to a deaf husband and is a mother to four hearing children.

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