Title: 'Population Hearing Health – Getting It Right from the Start '
Track: 10 - Policy, Advocacy and Legislative Issues
Keyword(s): population health, hearing, screening, hearing health systems
Learning Objectives:
  1. understand the concept of population hearing health
  2. understand and be able to describe how different care systems support improved population hearing health
  3. understand how to assess how improved systems can support better outcomes for children and parents (and professionals too!)


Population hearing health enables population and society to make the most of communication, and to maximise the use of auditory / acoustic cues e.g. to be aware of opportunities and dangers. At the population level we should be thinking about systems that maximise hearing health. Our experience in the UK is that some of the systems that we have are very effective at improving process outcomes e.g. newborn hearing screening, but need further grounding in population and individual outcomes e.g. in educational, social and personal domains. Cochlea implants have hugely changed the process of supporting deaf children and their families. However they have fragmented the professions and led to poor critical mass of effort in other areas. Great debates about the role of glue ear and the role central auditory processing in impacting on outcomes. Should we separate out these populations and services? Seeing these systems as separately supporting population hearing health leads to fragmentation, lack of resilience and poor sustainability. So what sorts of solutions should we be exploring to deliver the best population hearing health for our children and their families in 2015, 2020, 2030? i will discuss data from the UK and elsewhere about the burden of disease due to hearing loss and deafness and suggesting ways in which we might want to discuss the future of population hearing health and of the hearing care element of that in particular for those children who have the greatest hearing and communication needs.
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Adrian Davis - Primary Presenter
     Credentials: PhD
      Director of Population Health Science (England) Lead advisor for Newborn Hearing Screening (Public Health England) Lead advisor for audiology (NHS England)

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