Title: 'Outcomes of Children who are Hard of Hearing: A New Chapter'
Track: 3 - Language Acquisition and Development
Keyword(s): outcomes, multi-site study, language, speech, infants
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify four key variables that influence the outcomes of young children who are hard of hearing.
  2. Describe three assessment tools that are sensitive measures of the outcomes of toddlers who are hard of hearing.
  3. Discuss three ways that family-centered early interventions could be altered to promote positive outcomes.


More than thirty years ago, Dr. Julia Davis observed that the intervention needs of children who were hard of hearing (HH) were often underestimated. She characterized this group as “Our Forgotten Children,” out of concern for gaps in service delivery and the consequences for outcomes. Today, professionals are met with a new generation of children who have earlier access to interventions and better amplification devices than ever before. If we wrote a “new chapter” about these children, what would it say about their outcomes? What do we need to consider as we strive to improve our intervention services? A multi-site research team has been conducting a longitudinal study of the outcomes of 316 HH children compared to 115 peers with typical hearing. This project is designed to explore factors (child, family and intervention) that influence outcomes (speech, language, psychosocial, familial). Outcomes data will be discussed along with factors that are known to contribute to positive outcomes. Implications of the results for improving early interventions will be described. Further, aspects of development that may be “at risk” in children who are hard of hearing will be considered, along with strategies for supporting development. Finally, the need to ask different questions about this group of children will be emphasized as a way to strengthen intervention practices.
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Mary Pat Moeller - Primary Presenter
Director, Center for Childhood Deafness Lied Learning and Technology Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital
     Credentials: Ph.D.

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