Title: 'Audiology Facility QA Reports: A Means of Promoting Change to Improve EHDI Outcomes'
Track: 9 - Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement
Keyword(s): data, reporting, Audiology, evaluation, best practice
Learning Objectives:
  1. understand the value of reporting data back to stakeholders
  2. identify ways to engage quality improvement strategies in audiology clinics


Audiologists are key stakeholders in achieving EHDI goals, but many practices do not have a mechanism in place for reviewing their clinic performance in terms of meeting best practices. The Minnesota Department of Health EHDI program routinely reports data back to hospitals and primary care clinics and has seen positive change as a result of this strategy. The MDH EHDI program has recently developed and tested an audiology site-specific EHDI report that provides clinic data alongside statewide data and goals. The report includes details on all aspects of the EHDI process including timeliness of reporting and performing screening and diagnosis, amplification, connections to early intervention, and family support. This report has assisted clinic staff and MDH in monitoring the quality and completeness of audiologic data for individual clinics and has served as a stepping stone to promote and engage ideas for improvement. An evaluation was distributed to all audiologists who participated in site visits and received a data report. Preliminary feedback suggests that the site visits and data reports were useful and positive change is anticipated for individual sites as well as supporting statewide improvement toward national EHDI goals.
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Kirsten Coverstone - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter,Author
Minnesota Department of Health
     Credentials: AuD
      Kirsten Coverstone, AuD is Minnesota's EHDI statewide program Coordinator responsible for program planning, implementation, & evaluation of screening through diagnosis. She has focused her career specifically in the areas of newborn screening, diagnosis and follow-up. With a strong passion for quality improvement, she provides education and support to parents, professionals, and communities on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention.

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Melanie Wege - Co-Presenter,Author
Minnesota Department of Health - Newborn Screening Program
     Credentials: M.A., Board Certified Audiologist
     Other Affiliations: ASHA, MAA, AAA
      Melanie Wege is a board certified audiologist who joined the Minnesota EHDI Team after 17 years as a clinical audiologist with a primary interest in pediatric diagnosis and follow-up. Her focus with the Minnesota EHDI Team is to provide education, support, and ongoing quality system improvement strategies to all providers involved with infant hearing screening and follow-up through diagnosis.

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Zaynab Rezania - Co-Presenter,Author
Minnesota Department of Health
     Credentials: MPH
      Zaynab Rezania is an Epidemiologist for the Newborn Screening Program at the Minnesota Department of Health. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2005. After graduation she moved back to her hometown of Minneapolis and obtained a Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. Zaynab has worked with newborn hearing screening since 2008. She has enjoyed being a part of Minnesota’s EHDI program as it has grown through the years since its inception in 2007.

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