Title: 'Beyond Florida's Functional Listening Evaluation (FLE): Where Do We Go From Here?'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): functional, listening, auditory, goals, growth
Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will be able to describe the legislative mandate of the Functional Listening Evaluation and the information it provides for the Individualized Family Service Plan or the Individualized Education Plan.
  2. Participants will be able to list at least three auditory skills assessed on the Checklist of Auditory Communication Skills.
  3. Participants will be able to write goals that address auditory development for the Individualized Family Service Plan and Individualized Educaton Plan.


One of the outcomes of the Laws for Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights (DCBR) in the state of Florida is that beginning in 2014, the Florida legislature has mandated that all students with hearing loss, PreK through 12th grades receive a Functional Listening Evaluation (FLE) prior to their annual IEP review meeting. Given this new emphasis placed on auditory skills, the years of birth to five will be foundational in preparing children with hearing loss before entering Kindergarten. The FLE scores reflect listening to speech with and without speech reading, listening to speech in quiet and noise and listening to speech at various distances. The student’s performance is recorded on the IEP and used to determine annual goals for the coming year. Given this heightened emphasis being placed on auditory skills, many professionals and parents are seeking resources to assist in monitoring and targeting these skills. MED-EL’s BRIDGE (Re)habilitation program has a tool that readily meets this need and is easy to administer and apply. The Checklist of Auditory Communication Skills is a measure that assists professionals and parents in tracking the progress of a child’s auditory development. It also assists in setting logical goals. This checklist is designed for use with children of any age and skill level. The presentation will use a hands-on format to familiarize participants with this resource. Using the Checklist of Auditory Communication Skills, participants will be able to 1) monitor acquisition of auditory skills 2) develop goals and strategies for targeting the growth of auditory skills and 3) develop auditory goals for the IFSP/IEP as well as short and long term objectives for use in the classroom, during therapy and in the home.
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Virgi Mills - Primary Presenter
     Credentials: M.E.D.
      Virgi Mills, is a Florida certified Educator and a bilateral MED-EL user who taught Pre-K children in auditory-oral programs for two years in the Alachua County Public Schools, Gainesville, FL and two years in the Duval county Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL. She is a board member of the Florida AG Bell chapter. Currently, Virgi is an Outreach Manager for MED-EL in the southeast region and counsels families in the cochlear implant journey. Virgi has presented at the Florida Summit on Early Childhood Hearing Loss, national and local Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) conferences and chapter meetings as well as college-level audiology classes. Virgi has presented on varied topics such as sharing personal insights from her journey with cochlear implants, the unique attributes of MED-EL’s cochlear implant system, the importance of promoting social-emotional skills for children with hearing loss and promoting literacy through listening and spoken language.

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