Title: 'Timely Diagnosis: A Resource Guide Supporting TeleAudiology'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): telehealth, guidelines, diagnostic, audiology
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the role of telehealth in conducting diagnostic audiological evaluations for infants, thus reducing loss to follow up.
  2. Understand the role of the American Telemedicine Association and other Telehealth Resource Centers in supporting tele-audiology.
  3. Learn about the procedures and practices used to conduct diagnostic audiological evaluations from existing efforts.


Thanks to rapidly-advancing technology, telehealth is playing a key role in bringing services to those who lack access to specialty care. Tele-audiology, the provision of audiological services via telehealth technology, is a part of this new way of serving infants in need of diagnostic evaluations. Tele-audiology holds great potential for addressing loss to follow up, particularly for those families that face distance-related constraints in accessing pediatric audiology services. To advance the use of tele-audiology, the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management facilitated a “learning community” comprised of representatives from five states and one Canadian province who are conducting diagnostic audiological evaluations with infants. To support the dissemination of ethical procedures for conducting such evaluations via telehealth methods, the learning community has combined their knowledge and recommendations into a new web-based resource tool entitled 'Timely Diagnosis: A Resource Guide Supporting Tele-Audiology.' This poster will highlight the contents of this newly-created web-based resource guide. The poster will visually depict tele-audiology equipment and procedures. The comprehensive list of partners who co-authored this document, including members of organizations such as ASHA, AAA, and JCIH will be delineated. The value of ATA resources, along with the National Telehealth Resource Centers, will be emphasized as key resources for meeting attendees interested in telehealth.
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Diane Behl - Primary Presenter
     Credentials: M.Ed.
      Diane Behl is a Senior Faculty member at the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management. She facilitates telehealth learning communities and is a co-investigator for cost-effectiveness studies. She has expertise in evaluating the effectiveness of service coordination provided via Part C Early Intervention and Maternal and Child Health programs.

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Katherine Christensen - Author
     Credentials: M.S.
      Katherine has a master's degree in Instructional Design as well as a bachelor's degree in communicative disorders. She has worked on developing numerous instructional modules, particularly for online use. She has expertise in regard to ensuring accessibility of web-based materials.

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