Title: 'The 'Next Steps,' a Checklist to Improve Hearing Follow-Up and Intervention'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): Checklist, Next Steps, NICHQ, Parent Friendly
Learning Objectives:
  1. Restate the "Next Steps" when a baby refers
  2. Discuss the benefits of a simplified checklist.
  3. Predict if this checklist format can work in other state EHDI Programs


Who doesn’t love a good checklist? In New Jersey, we have developed several simple literacy friendly checklists called the “Next Steps” intended to simplify the vast amount of information/recommendations that parents are given by healthcare providers. The 'Next Steps' list also helps audiologists, the medical home, and hospital staffs deliver a consistent message for hearing follow-up and intervention when infants refer or are identified with hearing loss. As a state participating with the most recent National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ)/Improving Hearing Screening and Intervention Systems (IHSIS) Collaborative, New Jersey had the opportunity to work with local healthcare professionals, staff, and parents to share successful ideas and initiate small tests of change to improve follow-up and intervention. Through this collaboration, we have developed several “Next Steps” checklists forms. The original “Next Steps” form, developed by our NICHQ Core Team Member Rosa Abreu, MBA, MA,CCC-A, was used in her audiology practice then shared and adopted by our team. Although we are in the early stages of spreading these tools, preliminary reports indicate that they are extremely beneficial. We plan to continue to test, refine, review our follow-up data and share this simple, picture-based checklist box format within New Jersey and with other states. Further review of the successful use of the “Next Steps” is planned. Future plans for this format include an app for smartphones so that parents and professionals can easily check off and monitor recommendations related to hearing loss.
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Linda Biando - Co-Presenter,Author,POC
NJ DHSS - EHDI Program
     Credentials: MSN
      Linda Biando received her MSN in Perinatology from the University of Pennsylvania and BSN in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts. She is a Public Health Consultant with the New Jersey Department of Health in the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. Ms. Biando was the New Jersey Team Lead for the most recent NICHQ/IHSIS grant during 2012-2013. She facilitates follow-up with hospitals, the medical home and others in her work with the New Jersey EHDI program.

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Barbara Moyer - Co-Presenter,Author
AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center
     Credentials: Administrative Associate
      Barbara Moyer, a native of South Jersey, has worked in two local hospitals for 30+ years, mainly in the mother-baby units. She is currently an Administrative Associate at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center. During this past year, she has been an active team member of the New Jersey NICHQ/IHSIS committee. A self-proclaimed data geek, Barb has worked with the Electronic Birth Certificate database from 1995-2011 collecting and compiling data. Then newborn hearing became a part of that database. In 2001 Barb's second grandson was born with hearing loss and malformation of his right ear which deepened her involvement in the hearing program and follow-up of the newborns. Barb has been actively involved in improving the hospitals procedures, educating parents and improving hearing follow-up. She works with the local audiology center to coordinate services.

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