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Julie Beeler

Julie Beeler, Audiology Consultant, University of Tennessee Center on Deafness joined the Tennessee Early Hearing Detection and Intervention team in 2008. Since that time her enthusiasm and leadership has strengthened the collaboration with audiologists, medical providers, the Tennessee Early Intervention System, and parent support through Family Voices and Hands and Voices.

In 2014, she implemented quality improvement training in six regions across the state to reduce lost to follow-up rates. The National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality training method on small steps of change was provided to over 70 participants representing hospitals, audiologist, parents, Health Department home visiting programs, Schools of Audiology, and Part C and Non-Part C early intervention providers. More than 30 small steps of change were developed and implemented. Follow-up support by conference call, data monitoring and additional site visits continue.

In an effort to expand follow-up tracking resources, Ms. Beeler developed and implemented a practicum experience for two AuD graduate students from the University of Tennessee Health Sciences, Department of Audiology. The students conduct phone follow-up on babies born in Memphis (a high risk/high lost to follow-up area) who did not pass their newborn hearing screen and whose results had not yet been reported to the state EHDI program. This model will be expanded to another School of Audiology. Ms. Beeler is responsible for developing a network of audiologists that actively participate in the development of guidelines and program improvement.

Ms. Beeler organized a shared equipment loaner program that enabled midwives to conduct otoacoustic emissions screening in the homebirth population and enabled additional audiologists to conduct diagnostic auditory brainstem response follow-up. Julie was instrumental in assisting NCHAM to conduct Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) training for all of the Tennessee Early Head Start agencies and Part C Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) districts and as an ECHO trainer for NCHAM.

Julie Beeler played an integral part the establishment of a Hands and Voices chapter in Tennessee and in the transition the Family Voices model of parent support to Guide By Your Side. She has conducted numerous presentations on EHDI 1-3-6, EHDI reporting, and quality improvement to a variety of stakeholders through a variety of organizations and conferences. In addition to her work with Tennessee EHDI, she provides audiology services in a county school.

Julie Beeler has served as the President of the Directors of Speech and Hearing Programs in State Health and Welfare Agencies (DSHPSHWA); on the Board of Directors for Tennessee Hands and Voices; the East Tennessee Interagency Coordinating Council; the UT Knoxville Audiology and Speech Pathology Community Development Board; and the Tennessee Newborn Hearing Task Force.

Tennessee would like to recognize the leadership and contributions Julie Beeler has made to EHDI at both the State and National level. Julie will continue to utilize her expertise in networking to improve hearing services in new role with the University of Tennessee Knoxville Health Science Center Audiology & Speech Pathology Department as a Clinical Liaison between the department, the medical community and other partners. We appreciated the dedication she has demonstrated to EHDI.