Poster Sessions


P 15 “Bridging the Information Gap between HIPAA and FERPA through a Parent Consent Form” Fran Altmaier
Gidget Carle
Sondi Aponte
P 16 “Oh the Things We Can Do…with Data from Vital Records” Sondi Aponte
Gidget Carle
Fran Altmaier
P 58 A Survey of Communicative, Academic and Social Experiences of Cochlear Implant Users Lindsey Herde
Lauri Nelson
Karen Munoz
P 07 Advocating for Newborn Hearing Screenings Chelsey DuFour
Shana Bauer Vaith
Robert Fifer
P 25 Applying Quality Improvement Techniques to Evaluate Strategies to Achieve the 1, 3, 6 EHDI Goals Jennifer Pratt
Betsy Glencross
Darlene Freeman
Anne Banger
Toni Wall
Dr. Christopher Pezzullo
P 49 Assessing Family Satisfaction from a Interdisciplinary Clinic for Children Diagnosed with Hearing Loss Patti Martin
Stacey Williams
Sommer Richesin
P 06 Best Practice Recommendations for Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss Brittany Beeg
P 17 Bimodal Benefit for Children: Pushing The Envelope Elizabeth Preston
P 21 Birth Certificate Alert Project: Reducing Loss to Follow Up Jennifer Bryant
P 19 Building Bridges to Parent and Family Engagement in the NC EHDI Program Gerlene Ross
Holly Shoun
P 64 Communication Outcomes for Children with Cochlear Implants and Autism Spectrum Disorder Terra Boulse-Archaro
P 28 Cued Speech: What Is It and How Does It Support Language Development? Karla Giese
Angela Kuhn
P 34 Differences Among Strategies for Implementation of Medical Home Report to Reduce EHDI Loss to Follow Up Elsbeth Brown
Liza Then
Betty Vohr
Sherri Lee Moniz
Richard Lupino
P 51 Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Parent and Provider Satisfaction Survey on Newborn Hearing Screening Services Shannon Loyd
Nannette Nicholson
Lauren Schlagenhauf
Shannon Loyd
Stephen McElroy
P 14 EHDI in Tennessee: Developing Collaborative Partnerships Over Time Jacque Cundall
Julie Beeler
Susie McCamy
Melanie Bacon
Yinmei Li
Tracy Duncan
Claudia Webber
P 33 EHDI Outreach: Engaging More Families in Parent Support Services Living in Rural Areas Brittany Hilderbrand
Ginger Mullin
P 05 Eliminating the Practice of Rolling up “Switched Ear” Results Increases the Detection of Hearing Loss in UNHS. Beverly Gail Lim
Brenda Sommer
Maria Perez Abalo
Shauna FlowersMorales
P 43 Ensuring Newborn Screening in Wisconsin: Reconciling Individual Screening Records with Individual Birth Certificates Rebecca Martin
Elizabeth Seeliger
P 10 Ensuring Teenagers with Hearing Loss are Prepared to Self-advocate in a College Setting Harold Andrew Couch
Donna Moore
Sandra Gabbard
P 30 Evaluating Wideband Reflectance Versus Tympanometry as a Reliable Diagnostic Indicator for Identifying Middle Ear Dysfunction in Newborn Hearing Screening Protocols Katie Soltys
Lenore Holte
P 48 Exploring the Use of Bone Anchored Implants in Children Birth to Three Tessa Menchaca
Jillian Kimberlain
Nannette Nicholson
Patti Martin
P 61 Factors Associated with Late Hearing Screening and Late Diagnosis of Hearing Loss in Early Childhood William Spatafora
Tri Tran
Mary Jo Smith
Jeanette Webb
Terri Ibieta
Melinda Peat
Wendy Jumonville
P 38 Factors Associated With Timely Completion Of Newborn Hearing Screening 2007-2012 Maureen Cunningham
Vickie Thomson
P 01 Federal Education Policy: What’s In, What’s Out Barbara Raimondo
P 02 Fit to Talk Autumn Sanderson
Kelly Yeager
Emily Noss
Kimberly Jenkins
P 03 Group at Two Ashley Irick
Emily Noss
Autumn Sanderson
Velvet Buehler
P 39 How Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Read Stories on iPads Melissa Herzig
P 36 How to Identify Visual Impairments in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Leanne Parnell
Susan Wiley
P 35 Identified Needs of Families who have Children who are Deafblind Suzanne Minnich
Leanne Parnell
P 47 Implications of Comparisons between ABR Thresholds and Behavioral Responses in a Group of Infants Diagnosed with Permanent Hearing Loss Rose Dockery
Patti Martin
Nannette Nicholson
P 12 Improving Efficiency in Pediatric Audiological Assessments Faye McCollister
Diane Sabo
P 45 Infant Hearing Decisions: Feedback From Parents and Professionals Mary Liz Crigler
Nannette Nicholson
Patti Martin
P 24 Language Development Challenges with Medically Complex Children Robert Porter
Katherine Porter
P 59 LENA Measurements of Parent Language Facilitation Strategies During Storybook Reading Shannon Peters
Lauri Nelson
Karen Munoz
P 23 Loss to Follow up Trends in North Carolina Sandra Hill Markland
Lizzie Guffey
P 13 Multivariate Analysis on Factors Associated with LFU after Initial NHS in TN Fenyuan Xiao
Jacque Cundall
P 55 Music: A Tool for Expressive and Receptive Vocabulary for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Lauren Smith
Lauri Nelson
Nicole Martin
P 09 Non-Traditional Audiologic Supports to Prepare Teenagers Who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing to Excel and Self-Advocate in Transition to Adulthood Donna Moore
P 44 NYEHDI: Using Data to Reduce Loss to Follow-up/Documentation Regina Bryde
Michelle Cavanagh
P 50 One Year Later: Findings from the Electronic Registration of Arkansas Vital Events (ERAVE) Infant Hearing Screening (IHS) Module Project Shannon Loyd
Nannette Nicholson
Lauren Schlagenhauf
Shannon Loyd
Stephen McElroy
Patsy Bennewise
Shakita Diggs
Nannette Nicholson
P 04 Outcomes of Implementing The CARE Project Inc. with AuD and SLP Graduate Students Emily Noss
Ashley Irick
Kelly Yeager
P 56 Parent-Child Book Reading: Using Home Literacy Units to Foster Language Development in Children who are DHH Sydney Fryer
Lauri Nelson
Elizabeth Parker
P 52 Parental Experience - Diagnostic Dilemma Sandra Schiffli-Salerno
P 54 Pilot Test of Newborn Hearing Screening Health Information Exchange (HIE) with a Partner Hospital Using the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) Dina Dickerson
Heather Morrow-Almeida
Meuy Swafford
Chia-Hua Yu
Claudia Bingham
P 29 Planting the Seeds for Growth: A Strategic Plan for Norfolk Public Schools Hearing Impaired Program Kate Berenguer
Kristi Greenstein
Kristie Igana
P 40 Play Partner Influence on Language Use of a Deaf Child Millicent Musyoka
P 53 Practice Makes Productive: Coaching and Mentoring for Professionals and Parents Sarah Ammerman
Blane Trautwein
P 11 Profiling Hearing Aid Use in School-Age Children with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss Amanda Headley
Emily Fustos
Fred Bess
Samantha Gustafson
P 31 Program Evaluation of Early Childhood Education Programs Kristina Blaiser
Karl White
P 32 Providing Optimal Access to Language for Preschool Children Through Classroom Support and Remote Microphone Systems Lauren Lewis
P 22 Reframing 'Deaf' Jennifer Hensley
Patrick Graham
P 57 Self-Advocacy Skills in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Teacher Perceptions in Preschool and Inclusive General Education Settings Ariel Hendrix
Lauri Nelson
Elizabeth Parker
P 37 Targeting Regional Pediatric Congenital Hearing Loss Using a Spatial Scan Statistic Matthew L. Bush, M.D.
Jay Christian
Cathy Lester
P 65 Testing for CMV following Diagnosis of Sensorineural Hearing Loss--A Clinical Practice Jennifer Butler
Sydney Bednarz
Rihab Alkhalil
P 26 The 'Next Steps,' A Simple, Scripted, Checklist Message to Improve follow-up and Assess Understanding Linda Biando
Barbara Moyer
P 08 The Value of the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Program to EHDI Shana Bauer Vaith
Chelsey DuFour
Robert Fifer
P 41 Using Good Health TV to Reduce LTF in Tribal Populations Neil Scharpe
Rhonda Weathers
P 18 Utilizing Volunteers to Improve a Hospital Based Hearing Screening Program Heather Durham
Alicia White-Wooten
P 27 Washington State EHDDI on the Road Marcie Hoskyn
Karin Neidt
Elysia Gonzales
Debra Lochner Doyle
Laura Steinmetz