Title: 'A FRESH Pediatric Assessment'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): Pediatric, assessment, aided soundfield
Learning Objectives:
  1. The participant will be able to describe the benefits of FRESH noise
  2. The participant will be able to discuss the inherent problems with Narrow Band Noise in the sound field


Accurate measurement of pediatric auditory thresholds is essential in both the unaided and aided conditions. Without accurate measures in the unaided condition the degree and slope of the child’s hearing loss can be significantly underestimated, which in turn can lead to improper fit of hearing aids and prohibit the necessary access to soft speech sounds, hindering the acquisition of speech and language. A plethora of research information exists denouncing the use of Narrow Band Noise as a test stimulus in the unaided condition, citing underestimation of thresholds in those patients with sloping hearing loss configuration. When a child is fit with hearing aids, often aided thresholds obtained in the sound field are used as a cross-check to or in place of Real Ear Measures. When mapping Cochlear Implants aided thresholds in the sound field, combined with speech perception is the only way to gain a quick and accurate measure of how much access the child has to soft speech sounds. Until now the recommended test stimuli in sound filed environment was Warbled Pure Tones (WPT), to which young infants and toddlers quickly fatigue. Recently FRESH noise was introduced as a test stimuli and its reliability has been verified as being consistent with WPT in the sound field in the unaided condition. However, to date its reliability has not been examined in the aided condition with use of hearing aids or cochlear implants. Data will be presented that indicates the validity of FRESH noise as a test stimulus in the soundfield aided condition when compared to Warbled Pure Tones and supports previous findings negating the validity of NBN as a test stimulus in the sound field test environment.
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Dawn Violetto - Primary Presenter,POC
Child's Voice
     Credentials: Au.D CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: FAAA
      Dr. Dawn Violetto is Director of Audiology at Child's Voice, the premier listening and spoken language school in Northern Illinois and has over 20 years of experience in pediatric audiology. At Child's Voice, Dawn serves the children and families by performing many functions as both an educational and diagnostic audiologist and also serves as a preceptor for doctoral students. Dawn received her B.A. and M.A in Audiology from Northern Illinois University and her Doctorate in Audiology from Arizona school of Health Sciences at A. T. Still University. Dawn has served on the Illinois New Born Hearing Collaborative and was involved in introducing the ECHO program in the state. She currently serves on the Illinois New Born Hearing Advisory committee and the Illinois state SIAC Health Subcommitte Hearing Ad Hoc work group.

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