Title: ' Increasing Pediatric Hearing Aid Use with Tele-Support'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): Tele-Support for Improving Hearing Aid Use
Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss how to communicate with parents about hearing aid use
  2. Describe importance of consistent support to parents to improve hearing aid use time


Identification of hearing loss in infants has become routine practice in the United States, and hearing aids are being fitted at earlier ages. For spoken language development, children need consistent access to the full range of speech sounds to maximize developmental outcomes. Parents have reported a variety of challenges related to hearing aid management, particularly for young children. Hearing aid data logging, an objective measure of hearing aid use time, is an effective mechanism for identifying when problems with hearing aid use are influencing how many hours per day children typically wear their hearing aids. Partnering with parents to find effective solutions for problems with hearing aid use is an important role of the audiologist. Audiologists are the only providers with access to hearing aid data logging and this objective data is a valuable component for working with parents to resolve problems with hearing aid use. This presentation will provide results from a case study using tele-support, which included remote data logging measurements, to provide more frequent support for resolving hearing aid use problems.
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Elizabeth Preston - Primary Presenter,POC
Utah State University
     Credentials: AuD
     Other Affiliations: Utah State University
      Elizabeth Preston, AuD, is an assistant clinical professor and pediatric audiologist at Utah State University. She provides direct services (diagnostic assessment, amplification, cochlear implant mapping, and newborn hearing screening), provides graduate student supervision, and teaches the Electrophysiology course. She also serves the children enrolled in Sound Beginnings, an auditory oral early intervention program and preschool for children who have hearing loss at USU. In this role, she collaborates closely with the teacher's and the speech language pathologists to provide comprehensive and coordinated services.

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Karen Munoz - Co-Presenter
Utah State University
     Credentials: Associate Professor
     Other Affiliations: NCHAM
      Karen Muñoz is an associate professor of audiology at Utah State University in the Department of Communicative Disorders and associate director of the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management. Her research focus is in the area of childhood hearing loss.

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