Title: 'Federal Education Policy: What’s In, What’s Out'
Track: 10 - Policy, Advocacy and Legislative Issues
Keyword(s): education policy, legislation
Learning Objectives:
  1. describe three national education goals of the president
  2. list three accommodations available for students taking Common Core State Standards assessments
  3. describe three elements of Research Driven Accountability


The Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) – the general education law in the United States - has been up for reauthorization for several years, but Congress has not passed a new ESEA. What is happening instead? Common Core State Standards have been adopted by most states, and assessments are in place. How are deaf and hard of hearing children assessed on these standards? State performance under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is now being monitored through “Research-Driven Accountability.” How is this different from how state performance was monitored before? This session will cover these and other education policies and proposals coming out of Washington, DC, with specific reference to how they apply to deaf and hard of hearing children.
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Barbara Raimondo - Primary Presenter,POC
Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf
     Credentials: Esq.
      Barbara is a long-time advocate for the rights of deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families. She has worked as a government relations liaison, director of advocacy, parent consultant, attorney, and trainer. She has presented and written about numerous topics including early hearing detection and intervention, education, test equity, civil rights, family support, deaf-hearing partnerships, parent and deaf community involvement, and others. She also has served on the board of the Maryland School for the Deaf, including as president for three terms. She has testified before Congress. She and her husband are the parents of two deaf young adults and in the past hosted a deaf exchange student from Ghana. She received her law degree from George Mason University.

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