Title: 'Effective Early Intervention Services for Developing Listening and Spoken Language'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): Listening/Spoken Language, Early Intervention
Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe five components of services to develop listening and spoken language.
  2. Describe at least five age appropriate strategies for early intervention services focused on listening and spoken language.
  3. Summarize the findings of ten research studies addressing listening and spoken language in infants and toddlers who are deaf/hard of hearing.


Increasing numbers of families of children who are deaf/hard of hearing are requesting early intervention services that include facilitating the development of listening and spoken language. For infants and toddlers a developmental approach to listening and speech production is most appropriate. These services are best provided by professionals who have knowledge, skill and experience facilitating listening and spoken language. This presentation will include a summary of research that provides the basis for including these services, a description of the components of effective services, audiologic information supportive of this approach and age appropriate strategies for professionals. Participants will view and analyze video of effective strategies in practice.
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Susan Lenihan - Primary Presenter,POC
Fontbonne University
     Credentials: Ph.D. Professor and Director of Deaf Education
      Susan Lenihan is a professor and director of the deaf education program at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO. The program prepares teachers, speech-language pathologists and early interventionists for careers in deaf education. Her professional interests include early intervention, cochlear implants, the role of the family in communication development, the impact of poverty on child development and literacy.

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Judy Odendahl - Co-Presenter
St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf
     Credentials: MA
      Judy Odendahl has over 25 years of experience in the field of Deaf Education, having taught at Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children in San Antonio, Texas, Central Institute for the Deaf and St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, Missouri. She holds a BA degree in Deaf Education from Fontbonne University, a MA degree in Early Childhood Education from University of Texas San Antonio and is a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist in Auditory Verbal Education. Judy is currently working as an Early Intervention therapist and Toddler class teacher at St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf utilizing Auditory Verbal and developmental models. She is a supervising teacher for graduate students doing practicum work in Early Intervention in Deaf Education.

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