Title: 'EHDI Outreach: Engaging More Families in Parent Support Services Living in Rural Areas'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): parent support, Outreach, community partnerships, Rural access, implementation analysis
Learning Objectives:
  1. Acknowledge partnering services within a community
  2. Identify low or no cost partnerships that similar missions.
  3. Collaborate with media affiliates to share important updates for awareness.


Non-profit parent support organizations, exist to help families of children with a hearing loss, learn to tend to their children. According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, “Nine out of every 10 children who are born deaf are born to parents who can hear” (NIDCD, 2010). These statistics alone show that the development of parent support programs help to sustain the development of healthy families and children growing up all over the world. There are several things that can be done to expand awareness of parent support programs. . One avenue would be to develop relationships with schools, who may offer sign language classes within specific regions . Another avenue for successful outreach would be to develop relationships with media affiliates in the non-engaged counties using no cost publicity. Or, implement a recruiting aspect while attending expos for potential interns who can be of assistance. This may be a way to spread the word farther down the generational lines of communication. This presentation will discuss attainable and resourceful additions to parent support programs based upon a comprehensive market analysis.
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Brittany Hilderbrand - Primary Presenter,POC
Department Of Public Health
     Credentials: BA Media Communication MPA candidate (2015)
     Other Affiliations: Graduate Public Service Intern with the University of Illinois at Springfield; Young Springfield Professional Network Board Member;
      Brittany Hilderbrand has a bachelor degree in Media communication from Culver-Stockton College and is currently obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Non-Profit management from the University of Illinois at Springfield. While in the undergraduate program, Brittany has worked with non-profits in the Chicago-land area partnering with After-School Matters and Intel Computer Club. Her involvement with non-profit programs has allowed her depth of experience to expand past to community enhancement issues on to legislative service throughout the state. Currently Brittany works as a intern at the Department of Public Health in the Newborn Hearing Screening division. While there she has had the opportunity to work closely with Illinois’s Guide By Your Side coordinator and the Division of Specialized Care for Children program. Her future plans involve providing non-profit organizations a voice in the world of politics and community enhancement avenues.

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Ginger Mullin - Co-Presenter
     Credentials: AuD
     Other Affiliations: EHDI coordinator
      Dr. Mullin has a bachelors degree from the University of Northern Iowa and a masters degree in Audiology from The University of Memphis. From 1996-1999 she worked for the Arkansas Department of Health specializing in pediatric diagnostics and amplification as well as infant hearing screening. In 1999, Ginger moved to Illinois where she specialized for six years as a pediatric audiologists performing electrophysiologic measures and pediatric hearing aid fittings. During that time she received her Au.D. from The University of Florida. Ginger has presented regionally and nationally in the areas of pediatrics and newborn hearing. Ginger has been the EHDI co-coordinator for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program since 2005. She is currently employed by the Illinois Department of Public Health . Ginger currently works closely with the UIC- Division of Specialized Care for Children to address screening, diagnosis and intervention issues.

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