Title: 'Birth Certificate Alert Project: Reducing Loss to Follow Up'
Track: 6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management
Keyword(s): track, reduce, loss to follow-up
Learning Objectives:
  1. Make application of this Birth Certificate Project to use in their own states to help reduce loss to follow-up


Birth Certificate Alert Project: Reducing Loss to Follow Up Track: Follow-up, Tracking, and Data Management Authors: Richard S. Harward, Au.D., Judith M. Holt, Ph.D., Stephen Clyde, Ph.D., Nita Jensen, Krysta Behring, Aihua Tong, Jeffrey Duncan, Marie Aschliman, Jennifer Bryant Affiliations: EHDI Program, Department of Health, Salt Lake City, Utah Presenter: Jennifer Bryant – Follow Up Coordinator The State of Utah Newborn Hearing Screening (NBHS) Program is continuing the implementation of its Birth Certificate Alert Project (BCAP) that created an electronic link between the Birth Certificate Registration application process, CHARM (Child Health Advanced Records Management) and the Hi*Track NBHS database. Hi*Track and the Vital Records/Birth Certificate database share the same population and the same “unique identifier” number – the Birth Record Number from the “Heel Stick” Kit. Through the BCAP link, if a NBHS alert is generated when parents apply for a birth certificate for their child, a letter from the State of Utah is printed along with the birth certificate, informing the parents or guardian that their child is in need of hearing follow-up. This letter also provides information on how to schedule that required follow-up. The goal of this project is to identify and reduce the number of infants born in the state of Utah who miss or fail newborn hearing screening loss to follow-up or lost to documentation. Key words: loss to Follow up, reduce, track Contact Information: Jennifer Bryant jbryant@utah.gov 801-584-8215
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Jennifer Bryant - Primary Presenter
Utah Department of Health
     Credentials: none
     Other Affiliations: Utah Department of Health
      Jennifer Bryant is the Loss to Follow-up Coordinator at the Utah Department of Health, Salt Lake City. She has been with the Department for seven years working in various programs for children. Jennifer decided it was time for a change to make a greater impact for the babies in Utah. She decided to take a position with the Children’s Hearing and Speech Services later becoming the Loss to Follow-up Coordinator.

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