Title: 'EHDI in Tennessee: Developing Collaborative Partnerships Over Time'
Track: 9 - Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement
Keyword(s): partnership, strategic planning, systems, data, collaboration
Learning Objectives:
  1. Evaluate effective implementation of a systematic approach in order to build collaborative partnerships across diverse communities and organizations.
  2. Identify techniques used in order to design and implement strategic planning, e.g., data, community awareness, state agencies, birthing hospitals, midwives, child care systems, etc.
  3. Understand key roles for staff to build strong relationships across state agencies, private organizations, and community resources.


EHDI development in Tennessee will be examined from the beginning of the program until 2013 (end of data cycle). The poster will provide a timeline reflecting the growth of EHDI and showing data, collaborative partnerships, key events, implementation of innovative ideas, and program evaluations. In summary, the poster will highlight progress and successes along with potential pitfalls and lessons learned when developing collaborative partnerships.
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Jacque Cundall - Primary Presenter,Author
TN Department of Health, Family Health & Wellness
     Credentials: RN, BSN
     Other Affiliations: None.
      Jacque Cundall has served as the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Coordinator and Program Director for the TN Department of Health since 1996. She has worked with children and families in a number of public health programs including newborn hearing screening, home visiting, adult and child health clinics, wIC, and for children with special health care needs. Jacque has developed a network of stakeholders, including hospitals, audiologists, early intervention providers, medical providers, educators, and parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, to promote and improve the EHDI program.

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Julie Beeler - Author
University of TN Center on Deafness Newborn Hearing Program
     Credentials: CCC-A/SLP
     Other Affiliations: Tennessee Hands & Voices, Directors of Speech and Hearing Programs in State Health and Welfare Agencies
      Julie Beeler is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist who has served children with haring loss and their families for 20 years. She is current the Audiology Consultant for Tennessee's Newborn Hearing Screening Program via a contract with the University of Tennessee Center in Knoxville. Julie also works privately for a rural school system in East Tennessee providing educational audiology services and speech-language therapy. She currently serves on the Board of Tennessee Hands and Voices, is a member of the Directors of Speech and Hearing Programs of State Health and Welfare Agencies (DSHPSHWA), and provides instruction in the Deaf Education Department at UT Knoxville. Previously, Julie was a clinical supervisor with the UT Audiology & Speech Pathology Department in Knoxville.
Susie McCamy - Author
Tennessee Newborn Hearing Screening Program
     Credentials: BA, Deaf Education MS, Child Family Studies
     Other Affiliations: Tennessee Hands & Voices, Friends of Tennessee Infants and Toddlers
      Susie McCamy is the Deaf Educator / Family Outreach Coordinator at the University of Tennessee Center on Deafness Newborn Hearing (EHDI) Grant which helps provide support, information, training and resources for parents of newly identified children with hearing loss. Susie collects needed child & family data for the HRSA and CDC grants at the TN State Department of Health's Newborn Hearing (EHDI) program. Her responsibilities include partnering with lead parents to help in the development of Family Support endeavors / activities / trainings for families of children with hearing loss throughout Tennessee. Her 30 plus years of experience in the field include being a Parent Advisor / Statewide Supervisor of a home based program for 0-3 children with special needs & their families; TEIS Advisory Consortium. Ms. McCamy is a certified Ski*HI trainer and has served on multiple committees and Boards associated with the field of Early Childhood Special Education.
Melanie Bacon - Author
TN GBYS Program Coordinator
     Credentials: Parent of a child who has severe bilateral hearing loss.
     Other Affiliations: TN Hands & Voice Board of Directors, Volunteer Parent Mentor for Family Voices P2P Program
      Melanie is the Program Coordinator for the Guide By Your Side Program in TN. She lives in Memphis,with her two daughters. Her youngest, 7 year old Morgan, was born with bilateral severe to profound hearing loss. Upon learning of her daughter's hearing loss, Melanie's first response was to seek out other parents. She turned to the professionals serving her family, asking about parent support groups, to no avail. She then connected with TN Department of Health EHDI and began working to establish a Chapter of Hands & Voices in TN. In Sept. of 2011, the TN Chapter of Hands & Voices was officially formed. Melanie was the Director of TN Hands & Voices for 3 years and then transitioned into the role of Policies & Procedures for the organization. Other positions include: Baptist Hospital performing Newborn Hearing Screens and Office Manager for the Interpreting Service for the Deaf in Memphis.
Yinmei Li - Co-Presenter,Author
Tennessee Department of Health
     Credentials: MD, PhD
     Other Affiliations: None
      Yinmei Li has been employed as an epidemiologist with the Tennessee Health Department who has provided epidemiological support to the Department and its statewide partners for more than 11 years. She has been helping with the epidemiological needs of Tennessee's Newborn Hearing Program for six years, including being the project coordinator for three years for Tennessee's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Information System (EHDI-IS), a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Tracy Duncan - Author
Newborn Hearing Task Force
     Credentials: M.Ed., M.Ed., Certified Infant Massage Instructor, R.I.D. - CSC Interpreter for the Deaf, National SKI*HI Trainer, National INSITE Trainer, National AHEAD Trainer
     Other Affiliations: Board Member TN Hands & Voices
      Tracy Duncan has been an Educator of the Deaf, specializing in Parent-Infant / E.I. for children 0 - 5 diagnosed with hearing, dual sensory, at risk, or with multiple challenges since 1978. She has worked in multiple states in this field and consulted with HI*Hopes in South Africa. Committed to empowering and supporting parent involvement with their babies, Tracy has voluntarily participated in the development of local programs such as Hands & Voices and A.G. Bell. In 2010 Tracy began working with the Metro-Nashville Public Schools.
Claudia Webber - Author
TN Early Intervention System
     Credentials: B.S.W., M.Ed.
      Claudia Weber, Early Childhood Consultant, with the TN Department of Education / Early Intervention System. She has been with the State of Tennessee for 10 years. Previously she was the WIC Program Director for Niagara County in New York. She worked for 20 years with Catholic Charities, Infant-Toddler Programs.