Title: 'Providing In-Home Hearing Screenings: Lessons from Wisconsin '
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): in-home screenings; loss to follow-up; barriers to care
Learning Objectives:
  1. describe WSB’s process for reducing loss to follow-up
  2. describe our in-home/in-community screening protocols and discuss how they could work in their EHDI programs
  3. discuss and analyze case scenarios WSB staff encountered & how they were addressed


Wisconsin Sound Beginnings (WSB) has reduced its Lost to Follow-Up rate for babies who did not pass their hearing screening by more than 50% from 2010 to 2013. One factor that has reduced this number is that since 2010, Wisconsin Sound Beginnings has been providing in-home or in-community hearing screenings for families experiencing barriers to accessing the health care system or for those families who cannot or will not access the traditional health care system. Grounded in one of WSB’s guiding principles of ‘meeting families where they’re at’—emotionally, logistically, culturally, linguistically, economically, etc—WSB staff screened more than 100 babies across the State in 2013! We have experienced a lot since beginning this process of providing screenings to families at-risk for Loss to Follow-Up and are excited to share the lessons we have learned.
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Rebecca Martin - Primary Presenter,POC
     Credentials: MPH, IMH-E(II)
      Rebecca Martin, MPH, IMH-E(II) is the Outreach Specialist Coordinator at Wisconsin Sound Beginnings, working to support families and providers throughout EHDI. She has a decade of experience in health education, home visitation, case management, communications and advocacy. With a focus on high-risk, minority, immigrant and teen parents and their young children, Rebecca has provided intensive case management, intervention, education and support around parent-child relationships, child development, family stability, domestic violence and physical/emotional health. Rebecca completed her public health Preceptorship at a community health center in rural Wisconsin working with Amish and Hispanic communities. Rebecca served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, working to better maternal/child health and improve community organization. She is a graduate of UW-Madison’s Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health certificate program and has earned her Level II Infant Mental Health Endorsement as an Infant Family Specialist for culturally sensitive, relationship-focused practice promoting infant mental health.

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Jeanne Gustafson - Co-Presenter
Wisconsin Sound Beginnings, Chippewa County Department of Public Health
     Credentials: BS
      Jeanne came to EHDI work through her experience as the parent of a child who is hard of hearing. Jeanne has served as a Parent Guide with the Guide By Your Side Program and as a Follow-Through Parent Guide for WSB. She currently serves the northern region as an Outreach Specialist, providing in-home and in-community hearing screenings for babies. Jeanne serves many Amish and Mennonite communities, providing out of hospital outreach and education and building relationships with several traditional midwives and public health departments that serve the area.

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Susan Picione - Co-Presenter
Wisconsin Sound Beginnings, City of Milwaukee Public Health
     Credentials: BSN, RN
      Susan is a Public Health Nurse with the City of Milwaukee Health Department and serves the Southeastern region of Wisconsin as a Regional Outreach Nurse Specialist for Wisconsin Sound Beginnings. With more than 20 years of home visiting experience, she has worked with thousands of families to provide them with valuable health information, access to community resources, advocacy and support. Since 2010, Susan has provided outreach services, hearing screenings and support to families in Southeastern Wisconsin. She is passionate about reducing the lost to follow-up rate and has been successful in reaching many extremely difficult-to-locate families to help ensure their access to hearing-related care.

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