Title: 'Updating Your EI Tool Bag – What we know about Brain and Language Development in Deaf/HH Children '
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Keyword(s): reading skills, neurological development, academics
Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the role of brain development when working with of D/HH infants and toddlers
  2. Practice language games and reading outloud skills
  3. Practice child directed language and creating teachable moments


What are the irreducible needs of young Deaf/HH children and how do we meet them? The ever present challenge for Early Invention specialists and parents alike is identifying needs and taking action to meet those needs. We will discuss current neurological research and language development related to foundational academic achievement in Deaf/HH children. We will then practice the tools and demonstrate the importance of understanding early brain and social emotional development and how it applies to young D/HH children. Participants will enjoy and be actively engaged in numerous hands-on opportunities to practice eye contact games, visual rhymes and reading methods that correlate with academic success. Early Intervention specialists (and parents) that attend the workshop will leave with a better understanding and develop a better skill set for using the research-based tools and techniques such as shared reading skills, child directed language, eye contact and language play and have a deeper appreciation of their correlation with future academic success.
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Laura T Petersen - Co-Presenter
California Department of Education
     Credentials: MA Ed
     Other Affiliations: California Department of Education
      Laura T Petersen MA Ed, currently provides support to families in California with young Deaf/HH children in her position as Early Intervention Consultant with the California Department of Education. She has worked with families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children as a parent infant specialist at the Hearing Speech and Deafness Center in Seattle and as a behavior specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, a teacher and educational consultant in Northern California. She supports families in navigating the medical and educational approaches, research-based information and resources regarding language acquisition and social-emotional development as they apply to the academic readiness of their children.

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Julie Rems-Smario - Co-Presenter
     Credentials: MA Deaf Education, MS Counseling
     Other Affiliations: 1) National Association of the Deaf, Silver Springs, Maryland 2) California School for the Deaf, Fremont, California
      Julie Rems-Smario, M.A., M.S.: After graduating from California State University, Northridge, Julie joined California School for the Deaf (CSD) as early childhood educator. After receiving her MS in Counseling, Julie joined the first national training held by Abused Deaf Women Advocacy Services and founded DeafHope as the executive director. In 2010, she returned to CSD as an Educational Consultant working with families and school's media. Her work has been recognized with several awards such as CNN Heroes and E-Women Network International Humanitarian Award.

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Michele Berke - Co-Presenter
California School for the Deaf
     Credentials: Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder; Multiple Subjects and Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teaching Credential; California
      Michele Berke has worked for over 30 years in programs within the Deaf community. Her experience includes management of a rest home for deaf and deaf-blind senior citizens, directing Gallaudet University's western regional office, coordinating a US Department of Education funded project to develop an ASL Assessment tool, and teaching college-level Linguistics of ASL courses. Berke currently works at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont as the Student Outcomes Specialist where she is responsible for assessment and data analysis. Her doctoral studies in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from the University of Colorado in Boulder focused on exploring the shared reading practices of Deaf and hearing mothers and their pre-school children.

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Michele Tompkins - Co-Presenter
California School for the Deaf
     Credentials: MA Deaf Education Parent-Infant Mental Health Certification
     Other Affiliations: : Mission Valley SELPA Early Start Program Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Teacher Specialist California School for the Deaf, Serving Early Education Systems Consultant(SEEDS), California Department of Education, Infant Development Association Board (IDA)
      Michele Tompkins received her MA in Deaf Education in NY. After having worked in a variety of settings and with varied age groups of D/HH children, Michele finally found her niche in California's Early Start Parent Infant Program for D/HH. Michele has been involved with the Parent-Infant Program for more than 25 years. Michele currently works in a collaborative Early Start Program between the California School for the Deaf and the local school districts. She is also the Early Childhood Education Teacher Specialist. She serves as a visitation site consultant for the California Department of Education SEEDS Project and has received her certification in Infant-Parent and Early Childhood Mental Health through the Infant-Parent Mental Health Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Napa, CA.

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