Title: 'Pediatric Audiology: The ABC's of Quality Hearing Care'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): evaluation, hearing aids, support, access, communication
Learning Objectives:
  1. Explain how “eyes open, ears on” impacts future communication, academic performance, and development of social skills.
  2. Become familiar with terminology related to hearing assessment, types of assessment protocols that are typically completed based on developmental/hearing age, and how performance with hearing technology is monitored.
  3. Identify the need for open communication between the family, managing Audiologist, and other service providers; and explain the importance of family to family support.


Over 90% of children with hearing loss are born to hearing parents, with no apparent family history of childhood hearing loss. For this reason, a diagnosis of hearing loss can be overwhelming and confusing for parents/caregivers. Since hearing loss is a low incidence disability, other providers serving the child and family may also not be aware of necessary evaluations, interventions, and monitoring based on the child's age. This session will discuss the ABC's of quality pediatric audiology: Access, Best Practices, and Communication. The need for access to sound, as well as to timely and appropriate audiology services, will be outlined. Standards for best practices in pediatric audiology services will be reviewed in a family-friendly manner. The importance of good communication between different providers serving the child with hearing loss, and the role of family-to-family support, will be discussed.
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Shelley Moats - Primary Presenter,POC
Little Ears Hearing Center
     Credentials: Au.D., PASC
     Other Affiliations: University of Louisville, gratis faculty and clinic preceptor
      Dr. Moats founded Little Ears Hearing Center in 2010, due to a need for quality, pediatric-focused Audiology services in the Louisville area. She has a true passion for working with children and families. She has extensive experience in evaluating children of all ages, and has a special interest in early intervention and amplification for infants and children. Dr. Moats completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa, and her Master's degree at Purdue University. After over 10 years in practice, she returned to school to complete her Doctor of Audiology studies at Salus University (formerly Pennsylvania College of Optometry). Dr. Moats holds a clinical instructor appointment at the University of Louisville. She received the Educator of the Year award in the Division of Audiology in 2009. Dr. Moats is the first recipient of the Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification (PASC) in the state of Kentucky.

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