Title: 'A Clinic-Based Interdisciplinary Team Approach for Children Newly Identified as D/HH'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): Hearing loss, diagnosis, interdisciplinary, collaboration
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the steps involved in development and implementation of an interdisciplinary clinic
  2. Define the roles and responsibilities of the individual disciplines
  3. Describe the desired outcomes from the perspective of both the clinical staff and families


Families report that the definitive diagnosis of a hearing loss in an infant or young child often generates more questions than answers: “What caused my baby’s hearing loss?”; “Will it get worse?”; “Is there anything else I should be worried about?”; “What do we do next?”; “Who can we talk to and where do we find resources?”. Smooth transition from diagnosis into appropriate services and acquisition of resources requires coordination and collaboration. This session describes the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary clinic model at Arkansas Children’s Hospital for children who are newly identified as deaf/hard of hearing and their families. The goals are to provide families with additional information to inform decision making, promote acceptance and motivate action. This is accomplished by investigating etiology, assessing for associated medical, psycho-social and behavioral problems that could affect diagnostic testing and/or desired outcomes, and providing a forum for interdisciplinary consultation and management. Families rotate during a one day visit through Genetics, Otology, Audiology, Speech Pathology, Psychology, Family Support and Early Intervention. Typical scenarios and case examples will be used to enhance understanding of the value of collaborative effort among all providers and how this model yields valuable information from both a provider and parental view point.
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Patti Martin - Primary Presenter,POC
Arkansas Children's Hospital
     Credentials: Ph.D. CCC-A F-AAA
     Other Affiliations: NCHAM
      Patti Martin, Ph.D., is the Director of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH). Her areas of expertise include infant screening/assessment, family support and program development. Her efforts with infant hearing screening began with a collaboration project to investigate the efficacy of TEOAEs as a newborn screening tool in the early 1990s and continue through her work on the board of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Special Interest Division on Childhood Hearing Disorders and as the Family Support Consultant for NCHAM. She has chaired the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Speech Pathology and Audiology, the Arkansas Universal Newborn Hearing Screening, Tracking and Intervention Boardand the Natinoal Investing in Family Support Conference for the past four years. Dr. Martin’s ongoing passion centers around how professionals can help support families in improving the outcomes of children with hearing loss.

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Jennifer Rigsby - Co-Presenter
Arkansas Children's Hospital
     Credentials: Au.D., CCC-A
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