Title: 'Best Practice Recommendations for Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): unilateral, hearing loss, amplification, educational audiologist
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify difficulties experienced by children with unilateral hearing loss
  2. Contrast current audiological recommendations with new recommendations for children with UHL based on current research


Children with unilateral hearing loss (UHL) historically experience difficulty academically, socially and emotionally when compared to their peers with normal hearing. While in school, children with hearing loss require further outside assistance with education and creating plans for the future. Research in 2001 revealed that of the almost 6 million children in the US receiving services under the IDEA, only 70,767 received services for hearing, although the number of children with hearing loss is much higher. Many of the underserved have unilateral hearing loss. Through a critical review of the current literature, this presentation will examine why more children with hearing loss are not being provided the appropriate services and what current audiological recommendations are being implemented for these children. New recommendation criteria for best practice based on these findings will be proposed in hopes of identifying and treating children with unilateral hearing loss.
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Brittany Beeg - Primary Presenter,Author
University of Iowa
     Credentials: M.A.
      Brittany Beeg is an audiology doctoral student at the University of Iowa. She is currently completing her 4th year externship in Chicago, IL and enjoys the diversity of working with both children and adults.

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