Title: 'Pilot Test of Newborn Hearing Screening Health Information Exchange (HIE) with a Partner Hospital Using the Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)'
Track: 6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management
Keyword(s): HIE with EHRs using CDA
Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the infrastructure needs for health information exchange of newborn hearing screening reports between EHRs and EHDI-IS
  2. Understand the EHDI Clinical Data Architecture (CDA) and transport standards
  3. Identify data and value set standards for use in health information exchange between EHRs and EHDI-IS


In Fall 2014 Oregon EHDI was selected to pilot the EHDI CDA to report near real time newborn hearing screening data from a partner hospital electronic health record (EHRs) and then use that data to populate the EHDI-IS registry. CDA is a standardized methodology for sharing data between EHRs and this pilot will apply that methodology to improve newborn hearing screening reporting and follow-up. In Winter 2013 Oregon EHDI conducted the phase 1 pilot test of the CDA using an EHR test harness to simulate the newborn hearing screening results reporting content, data flow and workflow. Phase 1 yielded a report and lessons learned about infrastructure needed to undertake HIE with partner EHRs. The Phase 2 pilot will demonstrate implementation of the CDA with the goal of adoption of the methodology as the primary means for newborn hearing screening reporting by the partner hospital. Phase 2 pilot deliverables will include a template of the EHDI User Story, EHDI data elements index and map to standards, documentation of the data and workflow processes required to implement the CDA for EHDI programs, and lessons learned. HIE using the CDA standard has the potential for improving newborn hearing screening reporting and follow-up, and this pilot will contribute to the knowledge base of how to make that happen.
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Dina Dickerson - Primary Presenter,POC
Oregon EHDI Program
     Credentials: MPH
     Other Affiliations: AMIA, OPHA, APHA
      Dina Dickerson brings four decades of experience and deep domain knowledge of information management and analysis for health and human services agencies. She recently retired from her role as the Senior Informaticist for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program and for the Home Visiting data systems where she was focused on bringing together data from multiple agencies and organizations into an integrated system. The work involved working with stakeholders to define the minimum and program-specific data sets; common workflow needs including identification, screening, referrals, eligibility determination, program enrollment, case management, billing, and query and report; and evidence-based practice protocols that guide workflow and inform decision support.

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Heather Morrow-Almeida - Author
Oregon Health Authority
     Credentials: MPH
      Heather Morrow-Almeida works in the Maternal and Child Health Section of the Center for Prevention and Health Promotion of the Oregon Health Authority as a Systems and Policy Analyst. Her portfolio includes a variety of programs and projects related to child health - including work on healthy weight and development, child care health and safety, and serving as EHDI Coordinator. Prior to joining the Division of Public Health in Oregon, she completed the Public Health Prevention Service Fellowship with the CDC, during which she was assigned to Cowlitz County Health Department (CCHD) in Washington State for two years and spent a year in Atlanta working for the Division of TB Elimination and the Built Environment Team in the National Center for Environmental Health. Heather completed her Master in Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the Maternal and Child Health Department.
Meuy Swafford - Author
Oregon EHDI
     Credentials: BA
      Meuy Swafford works in the Maternal and Child Health Section of the Center for Prevention and Health Promotion at the Oregon Health Authority as the EHDI Data Quality Coordinator. She has worked with the EHDI Program for 5 years in that capacity, and has been with the Oregon Health Authority for 10 years. Prior to working with EHDI, she worked with the WIC Program and Nurse Home Visiting Program assisting in system development and support. Meuy completed her Bachelor of Arts at Ashford University with a concentration in Business Information Systems.
Chia-Hua Yu - Author
Oregon EHDI Program
     Credentials: MBI
      Chia-Hua serves as a Public Health Informaticist to the EHDI program. He was responsible for implementing transport standards for the Phase 1 CDA pilot and will assume that role for the Phase 2 CDA pilot.
Claudia Bingham - Author
Oregon EHDI Program
     Credentials: MPH
      Claudia Bingham brings three decades of experience as manager of MCH programs and a decade of managing the Oregon EHDI program.