Title: 'EHDI Partnering with Physician Practices to Reduce LFU/LTD'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): EHDI; medical home, LFU/LTD
Learning Objectives:
  1. identify key components in collaboration between physician practices and EHDI system in KY
  2. define the role of physicians in the 3 month goal of EHDI.
  3. define the role of the PDSA cycles in reaching goals in this initiative.


The success of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Programming in Kentucky is dependent upon every infant and their families receiving optimal services in a timely fashion. The critical timelines for EHDI is newborn hearing screening for each infant prior to 1 month of age; for those that “fail to pass” the screening - diagnostic audiology services before 3 months of age and for those identified with a permanent childhood hearing loss (PCHL) - enrollment into early intervention services before 6 months of age. A seamless EHDI system for all KY infants relies on the knowledge, expertise, ongoing collaboration and routine implementation of best practice protocols of each and every stakeholder in the process. To this end, Kentucky focused on collaboration with physician practices to “reduce follow up after failure to pass newborn hearing screening between failed screening and obtaining diagnostic audiological follow-up” by proposing PDSAs (plan, do, study, act) cycles. In KY >92% (2013-2014) hospital hearing screen result submissions identify the infant’s PCP. EHDI is able to generate lists to pediatric practices to check on referrals and monitor receipt of completion of audiological assessments. Communication and feedback are key elements in this information exchange. This presentation will demonstrate how small collaborations with individuals can affect change and spread to additional practices and ultimately reduce loss to follow-up/loss to documentation in EHDI systems.
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Michelle King - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter,POC
     Credentials: Au.D., CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: JCIH; DSHPSHWAL AAA; KAA; ASHA, KSHA; KY chapter of Hands & Voices
      Michelle King has her doctoral degree in audiology and 30+ years of experience providing diagnostic and habilitative audiologic services for infants and the pediatric populations. She led the planning, developing and implementing of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening in KY and the advancement of programming to encompass Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)and its 1-3-6 goals. She was the business lead in the development of the web-based data programming KY CHILD which supports the capture, surveillance and tracking for EHDI from birthing hospitals and diagnostic audiologists in KY. She has been a member of the Directors of Speech and Hearing Programs in State Health and Welfare Agencies (DSHPSHWA) since 1987 serving in a variety of offices on the Executive Board and served as their representative on the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing.

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Julia Richerson - Co-Presenter
Family Health Centers of Louisville
     Credentials: M.D.
     Other Affiliations: AAP, KAAP, Chair of Child Health Committee for Passport Health Plan, Community faculty at U of K and U of L. Serves on boards for Primary Care Association, Mama2Mama and Little Ears Hearing Center
      Dr. Richerson is from Mayfield, Kentucky and attended Transylvania University and medical school at the University of Kentucky. She completed her residency in pediatrics at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. After residency she joined the White House Clinic in McKee Kentucky, where she served as pediatrician and medical director. She is currently with Family Health Centers in Louisville where she has been for the past 11 years as pediatrician and also served as medical director. She currently serves on the Board of the Kentucky Primary Care Association, Mama2Mama and Little Ears Hearing Center and the Executive Committee of the Kentucky Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). She chairs the Child Health Committee of Passport Health Plan. She is on community faculty at UK and UofL Colleges of Medicine. She serves as a member of the AAP Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine at the national level.

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