Title: 'Ensuring Teenagers with Hearing Loss are Prepared to Self-advocate in a College Setting'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): transition support services, classroom technologies
Learning Objectives:
  1. Attendees will be equipped with a foundation of knowledge about how to better provide trasition support for helping teenagers with hearing loss
  2. Attendees will learn about and better understand typical accommodations provided by a disabilities services department on a university campus.


The Marion Downs Center recognizes that traditional education programs may not provide support specific to the needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing resulting in college drop out rates which are significantly higher for students with hearing loss than their typical hearing peers. Teenagers with hearing loss may not receive transition support services for college that educate them about technology and access services that can help maximize their potential in a university environment. With access to this support, teenagers with hearing loss can be better prepared to self-advocate and request services from disability services on a college campus. In July 2014, the MDC welcomed teenagers with hearing loss onto the University of Colorado at Boulder campus for three days and two nights. During this overnight camp, students learned how to request and receive the services they need, learned about different classroom technologies and accommodations and experienced the environment on a college campus, in the dorms and in the lecture halls. Subjective and objective pre- and post-questionnaires were recorded to determine the baseline knowledge level and benefit received from the sessions at this camp. Initial findings indicate that teenagers with hearing loss benefit from sessions that focus on the Americans with Disabilities Act, access to technology from disability services and self-advocacy. We anticipate that similar programs would demonstrate clear benefit for teenagers with hearing loss who are preparing to pursue a college education.
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Harold Andrew Couch - Primary Presenter,Author,POC
Marion Downs Center
     Credentials: LEND Fellow, JFK Partners, University of Colorado Hospital. Doctor of Audiology candidate, University of Arizona (Class of 2015)
      Andrew is a LEND fellow through the JFK Partners program on the University of Colorado medical campus. He is completing his graduate studies (Doctorate of Audiology) through the University of Arizona. He aims to work with individuals with hearing loss in a clinical setting.

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Donna Moore - Author
Marion Downs Center and University of Colorado Hospital
     Credentials: B.S Speech Pathology and Audiology
     Other Affiliations: The Ohio State University Graduate student in Audiology
      Donna Moore is a 4th year audiology extern and part time LEND fellow at the University of Colorado Hospital and Marion Downs Center. She is pursuing her Au.D. through The Ohio State University.
Sandra Gabbard - Author
Marion Downs Center
     Credentials: PhD in Audiology, CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: University of Colorado
      She is an Associate Professor of Audiology at the University of Colorado where she is the Coordinator of the Pediatric Audiology LEND MCHB training grant, which supports AuD students and post-doctoral audiologists to expand their expertise in pediatric audiology.