Title: ''Blue' Grassroots Efforts of EHDI Collaboration with EI'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): Early Intervention, collaboration, chronology
Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will be able to identify key components in the collaboration between Part C Early Intervention (First Steps) and EHDI system in KY
  2. Participants will be able to define the role of EHDI staff in actively participating to improve the 6 month goal of EHDI.
  3. Participants will be able to define the role of the PDSA cycles in reaching goals in this initiative.


A seamless, successful Early Hearing Detection and Intervention system for all KY infants relies on the expertise, ongoing collaboration and routine implementation of best practice protocols of every stakeholder in the process. The critical timelines for EHDI are newborn hearing screening for each infant prior to 1 month of age; for those that “fail to pass” the screening - diagnostic audiology services before 3 months and for those identified with a permanent childhood hearing loss (PCHL) - enrollment into early intervention services before 6 months. The statistical analysis produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report for KY revealed that in 2012 the National EHDI goals are met for: • Newborn screening rate of 99.6% • Warranted follow-up is near 90% • Early Intervention enrollment for infants identified with PCHL is 32.8% (well below the JCIH benchmark of 85%). To this end, Kentucky CCSHCN focused on collaboration with Part C EI to provide: 1) hearing evaluations for the birth to 3 year population prior to enrollment in Part C; and, 2) equipment/training and reporting requirements for Part C providers to screen Part C applicants. The goals were to: A) “increase follow-up after failure to pass newborn hearing screening between failed screening and obtaining documented follow-up” and B) potentially identify late onset or progressive hearing loss through ongoing screening. This program was initiated by proposing Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSAs) cycles with Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (MCHB) funding to purchase Otoacoustic Emission Screening Equipment (OAE) This presentation will describe the chronology of the collaboration between EHDI and EI, decision points regarding program selection/equipment placement, training, development of step-by-step procedures, and the data reporting process to EHDI. It will demonstrate how collaborations with Part C can affect quality by improving reporting and reducing loss to follow-up/loss to documentation in EHDI systems.
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Cathy Lester - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter,Author,POC
     Credentials: MSSW
      Cathy graduated in 1985 with a BA in Biology. She taught high school biology and math for then moved to Child Welfare at Home of the Innocents for 6 years and then moved to DCBS in CPS Investigations. She worked in investigations, family court, adoptions, and with medically fragile foster children. She joined the EHDI program at the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs in September 2011. As the EHDI Health Program Administrator, she works within KY CHILD and CCSHCN’s database to ensure accuracy of data, assist families and providers with information and programming technical assistance. She has her Master’s degree in Social Work and 35 hours post Master’s work. She has also taught Research and Statistics at Kent School of Social Work and Social Work Practice at Spalding School of Social Work.

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Holly Ackerman - Co-Presenter,Author
CHFS/DPH/MCH/First Steps
     Credentials: KY Trainers Credential KY Early Care and Education Directors Credential
      For the last 12 years I have worked in the Early Care and Education field. I taught children birth to age 3 for several years before moving to the state administrative office for the STARS for KIDS NOW program, the quality rating system for childcare providers. For the last four years I have worked for the First Steps program, Kentucky’s Early Intervention program. I currently serve as one of the state Technical Assistants. As part of my role I serve as the liaison to the Kentucky EDHI program.

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