Title: 'Population Health Screening Considerations: Screening for All Hearing Loss Conditions?'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): Population health, screening, hearing loss conditions
Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe/Identify screening and types of screening programs
  2. Describe population health considerations of incidence, prevalence and strategies for determining appropriate target populations
  3. Describe the considerations of what auditory conditions should be part of universal hearing screening beyond newborn hearing screening


This presentation addresses issues related to universal (mass) screening and population health considerations. Background information will be presented regarding the purpose of screening and factors to be considered in universal screening programs from a population health perspective. Specific considerations related to hearing screening from newborn to early childhood (newborn to 5 years of age) will be discussed. Specifically the following topics will be addressed: • Concern (parental, caregiver, healthcare provider, educator etc.) for condition always precludes screening (seek evaluation for concern directly) • Definitions of screening and types of screening programs • Public health considerations including incidence/prevalence considerations (high incidence conditions and low incidence conditions) and strategies for determining appropriate screening target populations (prevalence, ability to adequately screen the condition, cost and availability of interventions) • Consulting professionals and the conundrum of screening versus diagnostics with specific considerations for audiologists • Considerations of what auditory conditions should be part of universal (mass) hearing screening and what conditions may not be appropriate or require further discussion for inclusion. This section will address childhood screening to include auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) in children 3-5.
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Terry Foust - Primary Presenter
Intermountain Healthcare
     Credentials: Senior Healthcare Executive, Intermountain Health Care Au.D., Audiologist SLP - Speech-:Language Pathologist
     Other Affiliations: National Center for Hearing Assessment an Management - Consultant
      Terry Foust, AuD., has implemented and directed large newborn hearing screening programs in Utah and Idaho. He has provided consultation services to the Maternal Child Health Bureau (MCHB), the HRSA Office of Performance Review (OPR), the Medicaid and Medicare Policy Research Center and the NCHAM. He is a National Technical Assistance Network audiologist for NCHAM providing support to state EHDI programs and the Early Childhood Hearing Outreach program. International experience includes work and consultation in Accra (Ghana Africa), Costa Rica, Cairo Egypt, and most recently in Mumbai India. Professional honors include being the first recipient of the newly established Mary J. Webster Distinguished Service Award from the Utah Speech-Language and Hearing Association, recognition by Utah Business Magazine as the 2007 Healthcare Hero of the year as an administrator, the 2006 recipient of the national Larry H. Mauldin award for excellence in audiology education and other honors.

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Tamara Sheffield - Co-Presenter
Intermountain Healthcare
     Credentials: Medical Doctor
      Dr. Lewis is the Medical Director for Intermountain Healthcare's community health improvement work.

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