Title: 'The Support You Need'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): Parent, Support, Information, Families
Learning Objectives:
  1. Feel empowered, as parents, to make decisions for their child.
  2. More clearly understand the process you will walk through after an initial diagnosis.
  3. The importance of finding local support and how to go about networking.


EHDI TRACK: Family Perspectives and Support Getting the Support you need: Implementing effective parent support programs Author: Tiffany Savage, Parent Affiliations: 1)Texas Hands and Voices, 2)Guide by your side Presenter: Tiffany Savage – Breakout presentation only Parents whose children are diagnosed in an infant screening program are required to make some difficult choices about the management of the hearing loss at a time when they are emotionally vulnerable. They are required to evaluate information and outcomes regarding issues such as technology for hearing impairment, communication options, education, and rehabilitation. The Internet has become an important resource of health information for both health consumers and practitioners. The ability to obtain accurate health information online quickly, conveniently, and privately provides opportunity to make informed decisions. However, parents talking with other parents who have gone down their same path tends to be the best way for parents to feel supported and more at ease as they begin their journey. This presentation will be from a parents perspective to help with the above mentioned issues. Parents whose children are diagnosed with a hearing loss in an infant screening program usually have little understanding of deafness in children or its management. They are required to weigh up information and possible outcomes regarding issues such as technology, communication options, education, and habilitation at a time when they are emotionally vulnerable. Information may be provided by professionals who hold strong ideological and methodological viewpoints that can be bewildering and unsettling for families. Key Words: Parent, support, vulnerable, information, families Contact Information: Tiffany Savage tsavage@txgbys.org 479.381.1959
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Tiffany Savage - Primary Presenter,POC
Texas Hands and Voices
     Credentials: MS in Human Services and Marriage and Family Counseling. Board of Directors Texas Hands and Voices, Texas Guide for the Guide by your side program, parent of a deaf child.
      Tiffany graduated from Liberty University with BA in Psychology and MS in Human Services and Marriage and Family Counseling. Tiffany, along with her husband of 26 years, Chris fostered children for seventeen years. She has two biological adult children and three adopted children. Two children adopted from foster care and one from Haiti. Her four- year old daughter is profoundly deaf and bi-laterally implanted. Her heart is for helping others and currently works as a recruiter and trainer for a local child -placing agency. She has led students, women’s and couple’s support groups over the past twenty years and currently leads support groups for moms of deaf/hh children, foster/adopt moms as well as working closely with families of small children and kids aging out of the foster care system. Tiffany serves on several local boards and works closely with Texas Hands & voices.

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