Title: 'Cued Speech: What Is It and How Does It Support Language Development?'
Track: 3 - Language Acquisition and Development
Keyword(s): Cued Speech, language development, literacy
Learning Objectives:
  1. give a brief and accurate definition of Cued Speech
  2. give examples of how Cued Speech can be used to support language acquisition in two different types of deaf education programs serving all age levels
  3. dispel some common myths surrounding Cued Speech


For over 26 years, Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School (AGBMS) has been supporting a model Cued Speech program, the only one of its kind in the United States, in which Cued Speech is used as the primary mode of instruction. Several years ago, the Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD) began using Visual Phonics to supplement their literacy instruction. After quickly running into limitations, ISD turned to Cued Speech and is now using Cued Speech in conjunction with American Sign Language. Both AGBMS-AEHI, an oral program, and ISD, a bilingual/bicultural program, will share background information on how their programs are set up and the determining factors in their decisions to use Cued Speech. Both programs will also share test results that show how the use of Cued Speech has supported language acquisition at all age levels. The presenters will also take the time give a brief overview of Cued Speech, its history, how it can be used at any age level, and address some common myths surrounding the use of Cued Speech. Attendees will leave with factual information surrounding the used of Cued Speech and its impact on language development, as well as some ideas on how they could begin a pilot program in their own programs if they wish. The presenters intend for the discussion to be interactive with the audience.
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Karla Giese - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter,POC
     Credentials: Director of Student Support Services, Teacher of the Deaf
     Other Affiliations: Coordinator of CHOICES for Parents in Chicago, National Cued Speech Association, Illinois Hands & Voices Board member
      Karla is a deaf adult, well experienced in all modes of communication: written, spoken, signing, and cueing. Karla is an active advocate for deaf education and access to literacy for all deaf children. Currently, Karla oversees the Student Support Services Program at Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School near Chicago, a model program that uses Cued Speech and spoken language to educate deaf and hearing children together. Karla is also the Coordinator of CHOICES for Parents, a statewide referral/resource program for families of children with hearing loss. Karla has worked with deaf and hard of hearing children of all ages, from birth to age 21, across all educational settings, utilizing all modes of communication. As a student of deaf education programs, a teacher in deaf education programs, and an administrator of deaf education programs, Karla has come full circle and enjoys sharing her experiences with others.

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Angela Kuhn - Co-Presenter
Illinois School for the Deaf
     Credentials: PreK-8 Principal
      Angela Kuhn is the principal of the PK-8 program at the Illinois School for the Deaf. This is her 9th year as a principal at the school and her 17th year in the field of deaf education. Mrs. Kuhn has worked as an Early Intervention Developmental Therapist for families of deaf children, a high school reading and health teacher, and as an educator for deaf students in a mainstream setting. She graduated from MacMurray College with a Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education in 1998. She then earned her Master’s degree from Lewis University in Educational Administration in 2005.

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