Title: 'Cued Speech: A Mother's Perspective'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): Families; Cued Speech
Learning Objectives:
  1. To learn about Cued Speech


My son, Max, is going to be 13 in April. When he was 2 ½ I identified him as having auditory neuropathy through a web search. The first thing I did in my journey toward figuring out how to help myself, my son and my family to adjust our life to this new information was learn Cued Speech. I’ve been cueing for ten years. As a result of choosing to use Cued Speech, I have found myself navigating the world of deafness and the education system with an added variable. The world of deafness is small, but the world of cued speech is even smaller. Few people choose to use Cued Speech and many people have never even heard of it or seen it used, but I think everyone should at least know about it. I’d like to share my experience learning and using this system as one of the ways I communicate with Max and how it helps support his academic and social growth. I’d like to offer myself as a resource for people who are interested in learning about Cued Speech from someone who uses it firsthand.
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Lisa Weiss - POC
Colorado Hands and Voices
     Credentials: Parent
      Lisa lives in Denver, Colorado. One of Lisa's three sons is deaf as a result of auditory neuropathy. Despite hearing screening in the hospital shortly after his birth and consistent follow up with audiologists and speech therapists, Lisa's son was not identified with auditory neuropathy until he was almost three years old. Lisa has been using Cued Speech for ten years with her son who has bilateral cochlear implants, is learning to sign, and communicates using spoken language. Lisa currently serves as a board member of Colorado Hands and Voices, the Interpreter Advisory Board for the Colorado Department of Education, and as a Commissioner representing the parent community for the Colorado Commission of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Lisa Weiss - Primary Presenter
Hands and Voices
     Credentials: parent
      Lisa is the mother of three boys. One of Lisa's 12 year old twins, Max, was late diagnosed with auditory neuropathy/dyssynchrony.

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