Title: 'Creating a Strong Family Education and Support Group'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): Family Education and Support
Learning Objectives:
  1. Explain why a Family Education and Support Group is vital to the needs of families who have children with hearing loss
  2. Identify the specific steps to begin a Family Education and Support Group in their programs/communities
  3. Discuss and compile a variety of possible educational topics to present to families at Family Education and Support Group meetings


Through her experiences raising a child with hearing loss, Ali understood the extreme feelings of loneliness and inadequacy that all too often parents experience when they have little to no connection with other families who have children with hearing loss. Fast forward several years and a master’s degree in deaf education later, Ali has now committed her career to not only helping children with hearing loss acquire listening and spoken language skills, but also to helping families who have children with hearing loss connect and learn with and from one another. We firmly believe that parents are seen as the key players in the identification of hearing loss, the early intervention process, and in entering the mainstream educational setting. Unfortunately, many parents do not see themselves this way. As professionals in the field we need to focus on empowering parents to realize their roles and the immense impact they can have on their children in their ability to develop language and experience success in all aspects of their lives, this is one of the many reasons Ali has developed the Family Education and Support Group at Sound Beginnings. Through her presentation, Ali will share the steps she took to get the Family Education and Support Group (FESG) in Logan, Utah started, factors to consider when starting a FESG in other areas, successes and challenges she occurred along the way, as well as share video clips of the FESG in action. She will also share testimonials from parents who have benefited from the FESG. Ali will also facilitate a group discussion where attendees will brainstorm a list of potential topics to be presented at FESGs. Empowering parents through Family Education and Support Groups is key to helping children with hearing loss reach their full potential.
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Ali Devey - Primary Presenter,Author,POC
Utah State University
     Credentials: MA
      Ali Devey received her Master’s degree in Deaf Education from the University of Arizona. She has been teaching for the past 9 years. Her interest in the field developed upon learning that her own daughter was born with a severe to profound hearing loss. She has taught at Desert Voices Oral Learning Center, ASDB,was the Program Coordinator at Sound Beginnings at Utah State University, and is currently the toddler classroom teacher and the Family Support Specialist at Sound Beginnings. She has a passion for serving families who have children with hearing loss and feels it is a way she can “give back” after her daughter received such phenomenal services on her path to listening and spoken language.

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