Title: 'Parents Reflect on the 2013 JCIH Early Intervention Recommendations'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): JCIH, Early Intervention, Parent Support
Learning Objectives:
  1. In this session, we will provide an update on policy-related programs in our state that have sought to address the current pathway for babies who are born DHH through early intervention, including the start-up of Hands & Voices GBYS. We will discuss next steps for educating policymakers on what changes need to be made in the system to adequately support families so that all children who are DHH can read on grade level by third grade.
  2. We will discuss the key recommendations from JCIH in the context of what GA Hands & Voices believes our children should be receiving from birth to three years old. We will compare what is currently available in GA and share how we created our priorities for policy makers working on Grade Level Reading at the Department of Public Health and the Department of Education within our state.
  3. We hope that after attending this session, professionals and parents who attend this session will be able to compare what is available in their state against what is recommended by JCIH in order to promote success for every child, as measured by grade level reading by third grade.


In 1997, the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing (JCIH) created the concept of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening by publishing a position statement in Pediatrics. They have updated the document over the years to help EHDI programs implement their recommendations and to ensure that they are up to date with the latest research and technology considerations. In the past, most of the recommendations were focused on the “D” for 'Detection', but recently JCIH saw a need for written standards for Early Intervention services for 0-3 year old children. In response, JCIH published a set of recommendations on Early Intervention services in Pediatrics in 2013, setting the standard for what parents should expect. The document also provides a baseline of best practices that state early intervention programs can use to measure success. Following its release, a few GA Hands & Voices Board of Directors parents worked together to cross-walk the JCIH document with the currently available services for GA’s families of 0-3 year old children who are DHH. We submitted our analysis to our state coalition of policymakers, GA Pathway, in advance of a summit on Third Grade Reading levels for children who are DHH. In July of 2013, we presented our findings to attendees at our Back To School Bash, where parents and professionals began to understand the differences between what we were supposed to have as a standard for EI and what was currently being provided in the context of preparing our children for grade level reading by third grade. Now, a year later, our system has made some changes, yet many things remain the same. The primary change has been the addition of a state-funded H&V Guide By Your Side program to more adequately address the needs for parent to parent support.
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Carianne Muse - Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter,POC
Georgia Hands & Voices
     Credentials: Master of Public Health, Board of Directors President or GA Hands & Voices
     Other Affiliations: Former Director of Family Engagement and Outreach at the Oberkotter Foundation
      Carianne has over 15 years of experience in public health research and management consulting. She serves as the AG Bell parent representative to JCIH and the GA Hands & Voices Board of Directors President. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her three children (two of them happen to be DHH) and her husband. She blogs about raising her children at www.myprofoundday.blogspot.com.

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