Title: 'Building a Screening Infrastructure for Children's Success (BASICS) Phase II'
Track: 1 - EHDI Program Enhancement
Keyword(s): Late onset, progressive, early childhood screening
Learning Objectives:
  1. identify key characteristics of the BASICS program
  2. identify long term and short term goals of the BASICS program
  3. evaluate the program effectiveness through statistical analysis


Identifying late onset, progressive losses and those missed by newborn screening is an important challenge in Early Childhood. Estimates that prevalence of hearing loss significantly increases between birth and school age make screening during this time critical to early identification. Hearing screening experience beyond the newborn period, 6 months-5 years, varies for most children. Most children do not receive a hearing screening beyond the newborn screen until they enter kindergarten unless they are enrolled in a program that mandates screening. Screening programs are limited to Early Head Start and/or Head Start, some home visiting program PAT), access to a Medical Home with screening equipment, or possibly an Early Intervention program that provides screening, or screening by Child Find. All of these programs are limited to a small segment of the population. The BASICS program is a new model of providing hearing screening in early childhood centers as well as partnering with community providers to do population based screenings. The BASICS program has performed more than 20,000 vision and hearing screens on children age six months through five years since 2010. This presentation will describe the program, present statistical analysis of the results and successes and challenges in this model.
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Melissa Selbst - Primary Presenter
EAR Foundation of Arizona
     Credentials: Master of Public Health,Community Health
      Executive Director, 2006-present EAR Foundation of Arizona Staff and volunteer management, Fundraising, Community Relations, Board Management and Development Financial Management, Program Management Professional Education and Training Director of Program Services and Public Affairs, 1996 – 2006 March of Dimes Arizona Chapter, Phoenix, Arizona Program management and oversight for public health education, professional health education, advocacy and grants management for the Arizona Chapter. Consultant, Creative Management Learning Solutions, L.L.C., 1996-current Developed a Managed Care Course Curriculum and course instruction on various health topics. Participated in the development, implementation and evaluation of a HRSA grant. Conducted patient chart audits. Developed patient education materials for patient newsletters both Medicaid and Medicare populations. Develop and market health education tools and trainings.

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Randi Winston - Co-Presenter
NCHAM, The EAR Foundation of Arizona, The Arizona Department of Health Services
     Credentials: Au.D, CCC-A
     Other Affiliations: Member ASHA, AAA, ArSHA
      Randi Winston has been a consulting audiologist for The EAR Foundation of Arizona (EFAZ), the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona's State EHDI Program since 1998. Her role has primarily involved working with hospital based newborn hearing screening, early childhood hearing screening programs statewide. She continues to provide ongoing training and technical assistance with an emphasis on program quality. She serves on the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) Technical Assistance Network, assisting states in Region X in their EHDI efforts.

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Lylis Olsen - Co-Presenter,POC
EAR Foundation
     Credentials: MS, MPH
     Other Affiliations: AzEHDI Coordinator
      Lylis Olsen is the State EHDI Coordinator in Arizona. She is a pediatric audiologist with 25 years of experience. She also has a Master's in Public Health and has 21 years experience in state newborn hearing screening programs. She works for the EAR Foundation of Arizona and also manages the HEAR for Kids program.

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Sherry Fronterhouse - Author
The EAR Foundation of Arizona
     Credentials: T3 Trainer
      For the last 18 months, Sherry Fronterhouse has worked as the Follow-up/Screening Coordinator for The Ear Foundation of Arizona’s BASICS program. Sherry has been involved in the planning and coordination of over 70 screening sites in central Phoenix and has helped screen thousands of PreK children using OAE and Puretone methodology. Her work in the BASICS program also involves follow-up with families and medical providers for hearing refers. Since joining the BASICS program, Sherry has completed T3-Train the Trainer OAE Birth-3 training and is now training other hearing screeners.