Title: 'Developing Deaf/Hearing Cultural Competencies Through Community Partnerships'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): partnerships collaboration community culture
Learning Objectives:
  1. identify strategies of how to integrate multiple knowledge sources into programs serving families with young deaf and hard of hearing children.
  2. describe how schools and agencies can collaborate.
  3. name examples of activities that promote Deaf and Hearing cultural exchanges.


Parents of newly identified deaf and hard of hearing infants and young children are often connected with an agency or school district for early intervention services before parents have had opportunities to learn about Deaf and Hearing cultural differences and values. Individual programs within close proximity can differ radically in their approach to promoting language and cultural identity. Parents who have hopes of exposing their deaf or hard of hearing child to a wide variety of identities are limited based on their assigned interventionist, educational philosophies of schools and agencies, and biases of their providers. In hearing these desires from parents, Teachers of the Deaf at The Center for Early Intervention on Deafness developed a community based, county wide, inclusive program to collaborate with schools and agencies to promote educational and cross cultural networking for providers and families. Families and programs using S.E.E., ASL, Listening and Spoken Language and assistive technology devices were targeted as participants of both educational and recreational events. Surveys were collected at the end of each program. The results were high levels of satisfaction from parents, increased levels of parental advocacy for their children, and feelings of cultural respect. In this presentation program development, activities, and staff and parental responses will be highlighted and the benefits and challenges of this type of collaboration will be discussed.
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Helisa Katz - Primary Presenter,POC
The Center for Early Intervention on Deafness
     Credentials: M.A.
      Helisa Katz has been working at CEID for 14 years as a Teacher of the Deaf, and an Early Intervention Specialist/ Home Visitor. Besides Home Visits, she teaches the Parent-Child Sign Language Play Group, coordinates and runs parent education and support programs and provides monthly trainings to Pediatric Medical Residents. Ms. Katz received her B.A. from Indiana University in Early Intervention for Deaf Children, her Master’s Degree from Gallaudet University in Family Centered Early Education, her Teaching Credential from San Jose State University in Deaf Education, and a certificate from Ohlone College in Sign Language Interpretation. Ms. Katz also holds certification from the National Association of the Deaf and Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf in Sign Language Interpreting. When Ms. Katz is not working at CEID she is spending time with her 5 year old.

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