Title: 'Growing Up: Being a Teen with Hearing Loss'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): teenager, family, early intervention
Learning Objectives:
  1. Supporting your patient/child deal with teen specific issues with hearing loss


Hi! I'm Anna Wagner. I'm 14, live in a small town in Michigan and have worn hearing aids my entire life. My mom has been active from day one in ensuring that I was enrolled in early intervention and lots of programs for kids with hearing loss. Well, I'm now a teenager and in high school. I want to share my story about what it's like to be entering a whole new world with new friends, tougher classes and doing sports like cheerleading and track. I was diagnosed at age 4 months, aided 2 weeks later and started Early On by 6 months. My mom says that followed exact guidelines that EHDI established when it started. In fact, I'm the same age as EHDI! I want to help new parents, audiologists and service providers understand what it's like to be a teen with hearing loss. I have attended 2 previous EHDI and would really like to be apart of another to help families. Thank you for your consideration. Anna Wagner (and my mom, Melissa Wagner)
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Anna Wagner - Primary Presenter
Mason County Central High School
     Credentials: Teen with hearing loss
      Anna is teen whose hearing loss was identified by the Newborn Hearing Screens performed at the time of her birth. She has taken a large interest in helping families understand how hearing loss has affected her life and wants to share her story.

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Melissa Wagner - Co-Presenter
MI Hands & Voices
     Credentials: Mother to 2 children with hearing loss, member with MI Hands & Voices
      Melissa is the mother two 2 children with hearing loss. She has been invovled with the MI Guide By Your Side program in the past as well as MI Hands & Voices.

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