Title: 'Non-Traditional Audiologic Supports to Prepare Teenagers Who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing to Excel and Self-Advocate in Transition to Adulthood'
Track: 2 - Audiological Services
Keyword(s): audiology, advocacy, transition
Learning Objectives:
  1. :identify areas such as technology and advocacy in which teens who are deaf or hard-of-hearing need additional education and transition support.


The Marion Downs Center and University of Colorado Hospital Audiology clinic are invested in supporting adolescents who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in successful transition to adulthood. The traditional role of the audiologist includes provision of diagnostics, technology support, and counseling services for adolescents and their families. Busy clinic settings, time constraints, and necessary prioritization of technology support may limit the amount of transition counseling and education that the audiologist is able to provide and many adolescents may not be adequately educated or prepared to self-advocate as they transition into adulthood. The Marion Downs Center has designed a program to address this need. The 7th Annual Teen Day Conference will be held on October 2nd, 2014. This one day conference is focused on providing information and resources to high school students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing to enable them to transition to and succeed in life after high school. Teens from local high schools will participate in educational seminars from experts in the areas of advocacy, disability rights, and current assistive technology, and will have the opportunity to meet and connect with other teens and mentors that are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Optimal access will be demonstrated and available to participants throughout the conference through use of CART, FM/Roger systems, and ASL Interpreters. Role models who are deaf or hard-of-hearing will also be available through a panel discussion where the teens will have opportunities to ask questions and learn about how others have succeeded and challenges that they have faced. Pre and post conference questionnaires will be administered to participants and results will describe demographic information, the teen’s attitudes about access, advocacy and perceptions about their hearing loss both before and after the program.
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Donna Moore - Primary Presenter,POC
Marion Downs Center and University of Colorado Hospital
     Credentials: B.S Speech Pathology and Audiology
     Other Affiliations: The Ohio State University Graduate student in Audiology
      Donna Moore is a 4th year audiology extern and part time LEND fellow at the University of Colorado Hospital and Marion Downs Center. She is pursuing her Au.D. through The Ohio State University.

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