Title: 'How Do We Know If Technology Is Doing What It Needs To Do?'
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Keyword(s): monitoring and selecting technology
Learning Objectives:
  1. The learner will be able to determine if appropriate testing with technology has been completed.
  2. The learning will recognize when it is appropriate to refer a child for a cochlear implant evaluation
  3. The learner will recognize the role of all stakeholders in assuring that technology is appropriate and providing sufficient auditory access.


This session will discuss how to evaluate and select hearing technology and ways to monitor the technology to be certain it is providing sufficient auditory access. A particular focus will include discussion of the role of the family, the pediatric audiologist, early intervention provider, speech-language pathologist, and teachers, working as a team to monitor technology and the development of auditory skills. Practical suggestions to facilitate the critical communication exchange between all stake holders will be emphasized to be certain that children are maximizing their potential.
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Jane Madell - Primary Presenter,POC
     Credentials: PhD
      Jane Madell, Ph.D., is a leader and known worldwide for her outstanding contributions to the field of audiology and pediatric hearing loss. She has been a Pediatric Audiologist for almost 50 years. Jane has contriubted to numerous text books and articles, presented at countless conferences, and been issued high awards for her work. She directed the Audiology program at the League for the Hard of Hearing for 21 years; was the Director of the Hearing and Learning Center and Co-Director of Cochlear Implant Center at Beth Israel Medical Center and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary for 25 years. Jane consults and lectures nationally and internationally on hearing loss in infants and children and assists in program development.

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