Title: 'The Benefits of a Deaf/Hearing Team On A Child's Developmental Journey'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): early intervention, teamwork
Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe how the benefits of having a deaf-hearing team circulate between the child, family, and the team itself in an early intervention setting
  2. Identify the benefits of both deaf and hearing perspectives when it comes to issues of language development, cognition, culture, and technology
  3. Describe the importance of open communication and trust within a deaf-hearing team


Early intervention programs for the deaf/hard of hearing provide services for children with diverse backgrounds and needs. Within a program, the linguistic, technological, cultural, and familial profiles may vary widely from child to child. In order to holistically address each child and family, we must look to both deaf and hearing educators and clinicians. The collaboration, knowledge, and perspectives of a deaf and hearing team create a beneficial, balanced environment that circulates between the child, the family, and the team members themselves. This workshop will identify some of those potential benefits as well as highlight the importance of transparency, trust, and alliance between deaf and hearing professionals in the early childhood setting.
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Claire Miller - Co-Presenter
The Learning Center For The Deaf
     Credentials: MS, CCC-SLP
      Claire A. Miller, MS, CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist in the field of deaf education. She received a Bachelors degree from Smith College in Education and Child Study before earning a Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University. She has been a Speech-Language Pathologist and Early Intervention provider at The Learning Center for the Deaf (TLC) for over 10 years. Claire works with children from birth to age 3 in TLC’s Parent-Infant Program as well as with preschool, school-age, and secondary-age deaf and hard of hearing students. She is also a mother of 5 year old twins, an avid music lover, and hobby beekeeper.

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Nancy Vincent - Co-Presenter
The Learning Center For The Deaf
     Credentials: MS
      Nancy graduated from Gallaudet University with a B.S degree and from McDaniel College with an M.S. in American Sign Language. She has worked as the Parent Infant Coordinator at the Learning Center for the Deaf for twenty-six years and was the first Deaf person in the country to direct a parent- infant program. Nancy coordinates home and center based visits for families of deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to three. She and her team conduct playgroups for children focusing on modeling American Sign Language and the development of social, cognitive, motor and self help skills. Nancy is the parent of two Deaf children.

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