Title: 'Hey EI - We Have a Referral. Let’s talk!'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): EI Referral Electronic Data Exchange
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify basic EI referral workflow.
  2. Understand key automation points on both sides of the exchange.


Our EHDI program has performed an inpatient screening at birth and a follow-up in the clinic. When our protocols indicate appropriate the Audiological Evaluation (AE) is performed. When there is a diagnosed hearing loss then it’s time to refer this child to Early Intervention (EI) services. Sure, we can print paper, use the sneaker-net, or send a fax, but we also have computers and networks that connect them. Let’s talk, electronically that is! This presentation will explore the workflow of an automated data exchange in a longitudinal data system. We start with a technology independent referral protocol that involves making all pertinent referral information available to EI and logging the event. Next, EI determines eligibility and creates an IFSP. After that, the eligibility determination and IFSP date, or reason not eligible, are noted in the EHDI program. And finally, the referral is closed with all the information needed for reporting to the CDC. There are three key points in this workflow. First, the sharing of core data such as demographics, caregiver and family contact information, screening history, risk factors, and any other pertinent information that is included in the data sharing agreement between the two programs. Second, automating the EI Referral at diagnosis. And third, automating the eligibility outcomes in EHDI as EI services when services begin. When getting programs to exchange data electronically, we start by defining the process. After that, automating is a series of baby steps, removing one piece of paper, fax, or email at a time!
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Chuck Scheier - Primary Presenter,Author,POC
Scheier Counsulting, Inc.
     Credentials: BS, Electrical Engineering MS, Computer Engineering
      Mr. Chuck Scheier, president and owner of Scheier Consulting, Inc. has over 20 years of software development experience. Mr. Scheier started his career with GE Aerospace, is a graduate of their Edison Engineering Program, and holds a Master’s of Computer Engineering degree from Syracuse University. After 10 years in aerospace, Mr. Scheier taught for 5 years at the high school and university level. Returning to industry, he worked with several internet start-ups and then founded Scheier Consulting in 2001.

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Sue Scanlan - Co-Presenter,Author
EHDI, American Samoa
     Credentials: Data Coordinator, EHDI American Samoa
     Other Affiliations: Part C Data Coordinator
      Sue Scanlan is currently working with the AS Department of Health performing the full range of support and services for the Part C Earl Intervention Program and the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program. This includes a major project to develop a web-based data system that integrates and shares data across programs. The project name is Share, Integrate, Link American Samoa, or SILAS. SILAS is currently in use by the EHDI program, tracking newborns from their initial hearing screening through the entire process. Those newborns that require early intervention services are referred directly from the EDHI program in SILAS to the Part C Helping Hands Program also in SILAS.

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Jean Asuega - Co-Presenter
EHDI, American Samoa
     Credentials: EHDI Coordinator, American Samoa
      Available on request

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Beth Toelupe - Co-Presenter
American Samoa EHDI Program Manager
     Credentials: American Samoa EHDI Program Manager
      Beth Toelpue is the Program Manager for the American Samoa EHDI program. ...

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