Title: 'Working Across Disciplines: Implementing Listening Targets Using Audiological Data and Functional Listening Performance'
Track: 4 - Early Intervention
Keyword(s): listening, transdisciplinary, early intervention
Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will analyze and interpret audiological data of several infants and toddlers then compare these results to functional listening performance of these same children in home settings
  2. Participants will evaluate and suggest listening skill development therapy targets based on audiological data and functional listening performance
  3. Participants will review tools used in early intervention teams designed to encourage carryover of therapy strategies between providers and families as they implement these strategies during everyday family routines


Research has revealed that young children with hearing loss who are identified early, receive appropriate amplification and early intervention services can have significantly better developmental outcomes than similar children who begin intervention later. (Holt & Svirsky, 2008; Moeller, 2000; Nicholas & Geers, 2006). Also noted is that appropriately trained interventionists can impact the development of communication skills in young children. Many speech-language pathologists, and deaf educators have well-developed curricula for developing language and speech in children with hearing loss, but are searching for ways to enhance their offerings in the area of listening skill development. Both professionals should be able to bring specialized skills to the IFSP team. Promoting full time hearing aid use to decrease auditory deprivation, collaborating with audiologists to guide families about appropriate hearing aid retention equipment, maximizing an optimal listening environment within home settings, evaluating and eliciting age appropriate speech sounds for the young listener are a few of the many specialized skills both professionals should share. To develop a comprehensive treatment plan for young children using hearing aids and cochlear implants, examination and comparison of audiological data with functional listening skills in children is essential. Transdisciplinary teams are composed of members of a number of different professions cooperating across disciplines to reach common outcomes. Families can benefit from collaborative services of audiologists, educators of children who are deaf and hard of hearing and speech and language pathologists as they learn ways to enhance the listening environment for their new listener throughout daily routines. Using video review of clinicians working with young children, this presentation will provide opportunities for audiological case review, and opportunities to identify functional listening skills to enhance delivery of listening and spoken language strategies used by educators and speech -language pathologists.
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Tracy Meehan - Primary Presenter,POC
Illinois State University
     Credentials: B.S. M.S DTH-Early Intervention
     Other Affiliations: CEC DEC NAEYC ISHI ITHI AGBell
      Tracy Meehan has her BS from Southern Methodist University and her Master’s Degree in Administration from National Lewis University. She is currently a faculty instructor at Illinois State University. She serves as the Project Coordinator for a U.S. Department of Education personnel preparation grant that is preparing early intervention professionals to work with young children with hearing loss and their families. Tracy holds an Illinois credential in Early Intervention allowing her to do evaluations and provide direct service to young children with hearing loss and their families. Her 30 year career has been spent working in deaf education at a variety of levels both administrative and educational. She has been a classroom teacher, itinerant teacher, special education administrator and a private educational consultant.

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Wendy Deters - Co-Presenter
Illinois State University
     Credentials: MS, CCC/SLP, LSLS, Cert. AVEd
     Other Affiliations: AGBell
      Wendy specializes in working with children with hearing loss and their families. She is the project co-coordinator of the AIM To Be Ahead™ Grant at Illinois State University, and an adjunct assistant professor at Northwestern University and Midwestern University.

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